CWB 2017 Connelly Charger Blank Wakeboard

CWB 2017 Connelly Charger Blank Wakeboard












  • Great wakeboard for learning
  • Amazing rocker giving great pop off the wake
  • Strong core resists direct damage
  • Durable
  • Great balanced for youth or smaller riders


  • Not suitable for adult riders
  • Difficult board for tricks

Most of the readers right now would be thinking whether wakeboarding is even a sport made for kids or not? Of course, the name suggests so. Possibly, many of you would be finding this as good news whereas others will find it surprising and shocking. It is quite clear that wakeboarding is a sport designed for people of all ages.

Whether you are a 12-year old or you are in your forty’s, you can always learn wakeboarding and ride a wakeboard. These days, finding a wakeboard for young kids is not easier. However, CWB has provided us with a solution to this problem by introducing their all new CWB 2017 Connelly Charger Blank Wakeboard.

The Perfect Core

The perfect core might be difficult to find but it does exist. The 2017 Connelly Charger Blank Wakeboard comes with the perfect core which is system 80 core. The latest and one of the toughest cores used in wakeboards is this one. This is suitable for those beginners who are going to be having many accidents in the start and want one single wakeboard to stay in its shape no matter what.

The length of this wakeboard is quite small which is 119 cm and this is the reason why we consider it as a board for beginner kids.

Rails Along the Base

Quite different but a part of most of the wakeboards today. There are rails along the base which basically act as a support while the board is on the edge. This helps in maintaining control and improving the grip. Youth riders will surely love the 2017 Charger Blank Wakeboard when he sees this feature.

A little extra pop is given at slower speeds with the 3 stage rocker so that the young rider is able to have the motivation for riding even better in the open. There are 4 x 4 molded fins with a deep removal center fin let you decide if you want a little or a lot of board tracking.

Specs and Features

  • Item Weight 5 pounds
  • Package Height 58 x 20.59 x 59.25 inches
  • Shipping Weight 75 pounds
  • Size 119cm
  • System 80 core
  • Forgiving center spine
  • Subtle 3-stage rocker
  • 4 x 4 molded fins with removable center fin


  • Shaped for learning proper technique
  • Best for kid learners
  • Extra pop off the wake with the amazing rocker
  • Will last long as it is durable
  • Strong core made to resist


  • Not made for adults
  • Not made for advanced level riders


The verdict for the CWB 2017 Connelly Charger Blank Wakeboard obviously goes out in the positive as it has some of the best features. All the lengths and measurements with a unique design have been made while keeping in mind that this board will be used by young riders.

It is going to be the best option for the price and we also think that this is the best wakeboard for kids in 2017. If you buy it, do let us know regarding your experience. Have it purchased from right away.

Connelly Charger 2017 Blank Wakeboard, 119cm
List Price: $219.17
Price: $219.17
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