CWB 2017 Connelly Wild Child Blank Wakeboard

CWB 2017 Connelly Wild Child Blank Wakeboard












  • Amazing color pattern and design for women riders
  • Great lift with the 3-stage rocker
  • Strong and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Great pop off the wake


  • Not a good board to learn on

Wakeboarding is a water sport in which a wakeboard is used to ride over the surface of the water. It is a sport played in many parts of the world on a huge scale. Therefore, there are many companies that manufacture wakeboards, such as CBW.

CBW introduced the CWB 2017 Connelly Wild Child Blank Wakeboard that’s specially designed for men. This wakeboard has been designed for intermediate users and comes with an array of great features. Find out more about this wakeboard in the review below.

Amazing Features

An awesome list of features of the 2017 Wild Child Blank Wakeboard makes it very easy to use for the intermediate users which make it easy for them to advance their skills of wakeboarding. One of the features is its weight is that it is very less. The wakeboard weighs up to 5 pounds. The second feature is the 4 bolts on aluminum fins.

The newest Wild Child provides a very good amount of grip which is very important for the riders. This wakeboard is 136cm long and has a 5lb/ft3 density PVC foam. The top shell contains bamboo which adds strength and reduces the weight. Being one of the lightest yet strongest wakeboards in the market, it has got quite a success.

Full length center spine

The full-length center spine helps you out in keeping the track of the board straight and useful for the user. There is a 3-stage rocker as well that gives you some extra pop off the wake making the experience a great one for you.

Having said that, there are various other features as well such as the deep center channel which helps in providing the user with maximum control over the board. It surely is a great one for having your skills upgraded.

Specs and Features

  • Construction: System 80 Core
  • Fin Configuration: 4×4 Molded Fins with 1in Removable Center Fin
  • Weight Range: 120lbs
  • Rocker Type: 3 Stage
  • Rocker: 2.49in (@136cm)
  • Board Width: 16.85in (@136cm)
  • Skill Range: Intermediate – Advanced


  • Extra lift with the 3 stage rocker
  • Quite strong and a tough one
  • Lasts long and durable
  • Provides a good way to advance your skills
  • Maximum control for the rider
  • Lightweight


  • Not made for beginner level users


The verdict for the CWB 2017 Connelly Wild Child Blank Wakeboard goes out in the positive due to the amazing features and barely any cons. Make sure you don’t buy a beginner this wakeboard because it is slightly difficult to handle as it is bigger in size. For advanced users, there can’t be a better option. The wild child is one of the best series by the company and continues to run in the market for several years.

There are various buyers who have said that they enjoyed with this wakeboard and it made them a professional rider with months of consistent practice. We hope you have a great experience with this wakeboard. Do enjoy your most after getting it from