Ronix 2017 Parks I-Beam Air Core 2 Wakeboard
Ronix 2017 Parks I-Beam Air Core 2 Wakeboard












  • Unique design unlike any other wakeboard
  • Perfect landings
  • Improves rider control
  • Can be used by riders of all skill levels
  • Handle all water conditions


  • Bindings not included
  • Can be quite expensive if purchasing bindings also

The Ronix Parks I-Beam Air Core 2 Wakeboard is one such board which can balance the weight distribution. You can drive off the board which can be used for both legs. The construction of the board is so light that you can easily carry it along with you while you are traveling.

There are sharp rails which give you precise and smooth ride. You can ride on the wakeboard in such a way that you can alter the features according to your own need. Let’s take a glimpse of the features of this wakeboard.

Amazing Rocker Type

Parks I-Beam Air Core 2 Wakeboard consists of sharp rail and soft bevel. If you want to ride on the rail, this design will help you out. There are speedwalls which are made up of Vertical poured urethane. These speedwalls are helpful in increasing the speed while you are riding on the board. This wakeboard consists of the durable bumper which makes it easy for you to float on water.

The 2017 Parks I-Beam Air Core 2 consists of Aircore 2.0. This core reduces the weight of swing. You can have original experience of riding of a boat and get a chance to feel water in a better way. There is Low Friction Base which develops the glide speed.

Perfect Laminates

An I-Beam which is wrapped around the body of the 2017 Parks I-Beam Air Core 2 Wakeboard and increases the strength. High-quality fiberglass is used in the board which keeps it safe from rust and corrosion. You can enjoy soft and smooth landings by using this board. There is a glass which is wrapped against the body is the strongest part of this board.

You can have aggressive rides if you own this board. There is a magic carpet which makes it easy for you to start and end your journey. There is M6 Hardware which is a part of this board and increases your hold over the board when water depth. It is useful for experts and beginners.

Specs and Features

  • Brand: Ronix
  • Model: Parks I-Beam Air Core 2 Wakeboard
  • Ability Level: Advanced to Expert
  • Riding Style: Wake
  • Rocker Type: Camber
  • Core Material: Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, Foam
  • Base Type: Standard Base
  • Wakeboard Mount
  • Pattern: M6
  • Fins:4
  • Athletes: Parks Bonifay
  • Warranty:1 Year


  • Perfect landing
  • Increased control
  • Affordable
  • Can be used daily
  • Cater everyone’s need


  • People complain that there must be bindings along with it


The Ronix 2017 Parks I-Beam Air Core 2 Wakeboard is an excellent board which takes you on a real boat ride. It is easy to use and according to needs of every person. You can set the rail system of the board according to need. It can be used at slow speed, and even you can have the aggressive ride over it.

It is suitable for everyday use as the low strain is placed on your body while you are riding on it. You can have safe rides on the board due to its wide and well-designed base.