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O'Brien Hydroslide Instinct Wakeboard Review

Graphics and color are what makes a wakeboard truly stand out, and this is super important to kids.  Red is the color of speed and a great unisex color to match kid’s enthusiasm.  This board has kids looking good and feeling good on the water. O’Brien Hydroslide wakeboards offer some of the best graphics yet to be seen in water sports.

The O’Brien Hydroslide Instinct Wakeboard is a junior wakeboard that truly brings out the very best in style while giving you everything you need in a wakeboard for kids.  We recommend considering this junior wakeboard for your young ones.

Specifications and Features

  • 124cm long
  • Bright red color
  • Recommended for beginners
  • Suitable for riders weighing less than 125 pounds
  • Continuous rocker
  • Dual channels on tip and tail
  • Ultra buoyant foam core
  • Removable center mounted Attack fins
obrien hydroslide instinct wakeboard review

The verdict on the O’Brien Hydroslide Instinct Wakeboard is somewhat mixed as the unique element of the style is what helps it stand out. Some consider this board to be slightly over-priced when comparing this board with other kid’s wakeboards in the same range.

Unique Style, for Young Riders

The unique style of the O’Brien Hydroslide Instinct Wakeboard will definitely make you stand out on the water as the bright red looks so good. The work that went into creating this board appeals to a unique subset of young riders who weigh less than 125 pounds. 


The foam core provides extra buoyancy and makes it effortless to pop up out of the water which is a great confidence boost for young kids.  This helps with those looking to learn how to wakeboard as well as those looking to take wakeboarding to the next level as this board is highly recommended for beginners.  The dual channels and center mounted fins allow for easy tracking and great edge control.  

Recommended for Beginners Offering Great Balance

O’Brien Hydroslide’s Instinct Wakeboard is better suited for beginners as it offers a very stable platform with improved balance. Balance is the essence of wakeboarding, and anyone who gets on for the first time can stay on throughout the entire wake. The continuous rocker helps achieve this along.


O'Brien Hydroslide Instinct Wakeboard Price

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  • Great for beginners and learning tricks
  • Great stability with the continuous rocker and predictable off the wake
  • Amazing graphics and colors which appeal to young riders
  • Great balance


  • Not suited for riders more than 125 lbs
  • Not many left in stock

O’Brien Hydroslide Instinct Wakeboard

obrien hydroslide instinct wakeboard review

The Verdict

The verdict on the O’Brien Hydroslide Instinct Wakeboard is somewhat mixed.  It has great features for beginner riders, however we feel it’s slightly over-priced when comparing this board with other beginner’s wakeboards in the same range. 


If you’re looking for a quality learning board, then this may be it, but if you’re looking for a transitional board which can be used by intermediates and more experienced riders then there may be a board that is more suited to your needs.

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