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If you’re looking to purchase a kids wakeboard we’ve got some great recommendations and tips to ensure you make the best purchase.
Find the best wakeboards for beginner riders of any age. Know what to look for in the shape and design when choosing the best wakeboard.

Let’s take you through the different wakeboarding brands.  There’s a variety out there, and we’ll have a look at who they design for and specific features. 

Know what to look for when purchasing wakeboards and wakeboarding gear

Understand the terminology and how to decide which is the best wakeboard for you

Have Confidence In Your Wakeboarding Gear

Our research, reviews and informative articles will have you safely and confidently enjoy your weekends on the water.

Here at Wakeboard Critic we are focussed on helping you invest in the right gear to enjoy your time wakeboarding.  We provide helpful, informative articles, thoroughly researched product reviews and comparisons, and buyer’s guides for all sorts of wakeboarding gear so you can be confident that you are making a good quality purchase within your budget. 


We enjoy wakeboarding with the family ourselves and hope our analysis of different products will save you time and make it easier for you to find the information or products you need.

Compare the different wakeboarding brands

Information to highlight what the brand focuses on, who they design for, design and
construction features they use, and what their customer service is like.

Our Process For Reviewing Products

We thoroughly research to save you time and give you confidence in buying wakeboarding gear.

We all know how to search online for information, and we all know the quality of that information can be variable.  As wakeboarders ourselves, we know what is important to you.  We know the questions you have about wakeboards and wakeboarding gear and the answers you are looking for.  Our goal is to research thoroughly and present detailed summaries and ratings that are easy to read, easy to understand and helpful in your decision-making.


We review products based on performance criteria, such as who they are designed for, the type of wakeboard, the design and construction, durability and price.  Our site is growing and we look forward to becoming an important source of info for the wakeboarding community.  We want to make it easy for you to get out there on the water, safely and confidently, and enjoy the sport of wakeboarding. 

Our Best Categories

kids wakeboards

Kid's Wakeboards

Kid's wakeboards are smaller than adults and the right wakeboard can help children learn correct techniques.

wakeboarding tricks

Beginner's Wakeboarding

Find the best gear to get you out on the water and enjoying the sport. Also some great tips for teaching and learning.

mens wakeboard

Men's Wakeboards

A range of different wakeboard sizes are available, including wakeboards for bigger guys. Get out there enjoying the water.

womens wakeboarding

Women's Wakeboards

You want to look stylish on the water and have a great women's wakeboard that will help you progress and be confident.

intermediate advanced wakeboarder

Advanced Wakeboarders

Need those extra design features to take your wakeboarding to the next level - we've got you covered.

jet ski wakeboarding

Cable Park Wakeboarding

Cable wakeboard parks are a lot of fun for beginners and more experienced wakeboarders.

wakeboarding safety

Wakeboarding Locations

We look at some of the best places for wakeboarding, including lakes, rivers & cable parks.

general wakeboarding information

Wakeboarding Information

Everything you need to get out on the water - buyer's guides, size charts, watersport safety, how to articles, and more.

Informative Buyer's Guides

If you’re looking for wakeboard reviews and researching wakeboarding gear, then you need to have a pretty good understanding of the products you are looking at.  Our buyer’s guides are designed to halep you understand the terminology and the features of different products.  


We’ll explain the different styles of wakeboards and their suitability for different riders.  If your’re looking for boots (also knows as bindings) or life jackets we’ll help you identify the features that will be important to you when making your purchases.  

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Find great product reviews and general information about the sport of wakeboarding.