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Ronix Vision Kids Wakeboard Review

A kid's wakeboard specifically constructed for better stability and progression

Wakeboarding is an exciting water sport where you’ll need a solid and hefty wakeboard to let you perform controlled maneuvers and awesome tricks. Ronix Vision Wakeboard might just be your best pick! It has a variety of versions to choose from that have the coolest and most unique, and vibrant visual designs.


Fortunately, if you happen to have kids wanting to join in for some fun, they provide Ronix Vision Kids Wakeboard that’s specifically constructed for better stability and progression. They’re one of the most well-recognized brands in wakeboarding, and have some of the most solid innovations for young riders. Let’s take a closer look at Ronix Vision Kids Wakeboard features and specifications below.

Specifications and Features

  • Four Molded-in Fins
  • Thinner, Sharper Toeside Rail
  • Fuller, Vertical Heelside Rail
  • Wide Tip/Tail
  • Four 1.75” Hook Fins
  • Modello Construction
  • TPU Graphic Top Sheet
  • Mococoque & Krypto Cable Construction
  • Mod Pour Foam
  • M6 Inserts
  • Grom Top / Bottom Glass
  • Low Friction Base Sheet
  • Neutral Energy:3
  • Performance Award Sticker Pack
ronix vision kids wakeboard package review
The Ronix Vision Kids Wakeboard is a solid piece that offers two dinosaur-themed designs, one on blue and the other on dark green. It has a sharper rail and a longer fin on the toeside edge compared to other wakeboards to help kids feel more stable; the grom glass construction offers a lighter layup as well so as to lessen weight and get more contact with the water.

A Softly Flex 3-Stage Rocker

If you want your kid to experience a fun and comfortable ride on the boat, the Ronix Vision Kids Wakeboard has a flat center curve which helps with speed and rail control. Additionally, it also has an exaggerated exit angle on the tip which was carefully designed to give a bucking pop off the wake. Summarily, the 3-stage rocker and wide tail will help create a more stable and controlled experience for children and young first-timers.


Moreover, while it is durable, the material still is softer compared to other wakeboards as it can help minimize intense landings and allows riders to do better presses and be more in control on rails.

Asymmetrical formation for balance

It’s a great board for kids and new riders who wish to build their confidence while having to worry less about safety. There are built-in j-bars that can be put around the ankle area; this is made solely to secure the rider’s foot and to prevent slipping easily.


Noticeably, the Ronix Vision Kids Wakeboard does have a symmetrical structure but asymmetric features which are purposely done to match the unparalleled position of hips and shoulders when wakeboarding. This definitely sets Ronix Vision Wakeboard apart from other wakeboards!


  • Specifically designed for young and new riders
  • Built-in j-bars can prevent rider from slipping around inside the booth
  • Sharper rail and longer fin for added stability
  • Rom glass construction for a lighter layup
  • Reduced weight enabling more feel with water
  • Gives off smoother landings
  • Has flatter center curve that allows higher levels of speed and rail control


  • Can be a bit more expensive compared to other boards
  • Best fit only a certain amount of rider’s weight (usually up to 43kg)


ronix vision kids wakeboard package review

The Verdict

The Ronix Vision Kids Wakeboard is a great option for children who are just starting to practice wakeboarding. It has a safer construction that is specifically built for kids and also has a child-friendly design with its dinosaur-themed style available in vibrant blue or dark green that even glows in the dark!


Flat or 3-stage rockers are known for less speed and more pop, which might just be ideal for young newbies. What’s amazing about this wakeboard is its asymmetric features which helps set an easier and more confident edge while the rider is in an unbalanced position. Lastly, it has a fuller vertical rail which can promisingly generate more top water speed, leaving a fun and blissful experience for your kid!

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