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Connelly Standard Wakeboard Review

Men's wakeboard designed that allows for reliable wake approach that comes with a kick

With so many boards to choose from, it’s a reassuring to be able to select something ‘standard’ and know that you are getting quality goods. The Connelly Standard Wakeboard is all of this and more. With a sleek black, blue, and fire design, along with detachable Easy Bite Fins and a continuous rocker for a reliable wake approach that comes with a kick, this board definitely checks all of the right boxes, but how does it REALLY perform on the water?


In today’s article we’ll take a deep dive into the specifications, features, and performance of the Connelly Standard Wakeboard and you can see what you think. We’ll give you a hint – ‘standard’ just got a higher bar and that’s something every wakeboarder can appreciate!

Specifications and Features

  • Length: 139 and 143, with center widths of 17.52″ and 17.62″
  • Weight: 15 pounds overall
  • Pro Core/Closed cell PU Foam construction
  • Continuous Rocker
  • Hybrid Spine
  • 7″ Adjustable Easy Bite Fins (4)
connelly standard wakeboard review

The Connelly Standard really does upgrade what should be considered a ‘standard’ experience with this quality board. Keep in mind, however, that this is not gear for beginners – it’s more suited to intermediate and advanced wakeboarders.


That said, with it’s wide profile, you can hit the wake reliably with the continuous rocker and the wider shape of this board provides it with extra kick that you are sure to appreciate. The edge rail is present, but thinned to the point of subtlety, so that you can take advantage of it without it feeling overlarge or awkward. It functions perfectly, but blends into the design like a Ninja-rail.


Add in the adjustable, bolt-on .7” Easy Bite fins and you’ve got customization options with this so-called ‘standard’ board. Frankly, if this is the new standard, we’re delighted to hear the news, but let’s look more closely at 2 of the primary selling features of the Connelly Standard.

Fast, consistent, and trick-ready with continuous rocker and elegant rail design

Along with the Connelley Standard wakeboard’s elegant rail design, it features a blended center channel, and when you factor in the adjustable fins then you really have a lot of say in the overall control of your board. This allowed for a consistent experience in regards to wake approach that allowed our testing crew to track effectively, without being hampered by immediately locking in.


Simply put, this board seems to love going aerial and it makes the experience a breeze if you’ve got the skills to take advantage of it.


The continuous rocker and overall design are built for speed, which is another reason why you don’t want to put a beginner on this board — unless you are hoping to see them kissing the wake in all the wrong ways. For those with more experience who can handle the speed, however, it’s an adrenaline-packed experience and the sky is just a well-applied kick and a practiced stance away!

Pro Core employs a lightweight, closed cell PU Foam

Part of why this board is so ready to kiss the sky has to do with its lightweight construction and overall design factors. The Connelly Standard Wakeboard employs ‘Pro Core’ technology, which essentially boils down to a closed cell PU foam core to keep the board durable, yet ultra-light.

It also features a hybrid spine, allowing for more flex at the tail and the tip, rather than keeping the flex central. This is good news for wakeboarders that like to split their time in between cable and behind the boat wakeboarding. You can pop on the fins when you are behind the boat to pop off of the wakes with ease, or remove them in the Cable Park and still press off of those rails like the pro that you are.

It’s really a lot of flexibility and we have to say that appreciate Connelly’s idea of what should be standard – it really psyches us up for future reviews where we’ll be able to detail what this company considered to be premium or advanced!


  • Lightweight design
  • Behind the Boat or in the Cable Park, this board is up to the challenge
  • ‘Kick and Trick ready’ with its blended center channel and minimalist rail design


  • Only comes in two sizes
  • Limited to intermediate and advanced boarders

Connelly Standard Wakeboard

connelly standard wakeboard review

The Verdict

The Connelly Standard Wakeboard is definitely a quality board, although we really wish that it came in a wider side range like some of its competitors, as it’s shame that not everyone will be able to take advantage of this quality board.

That said, for those within it’s supported range, this is a board that brings the speed and pops like a cork when you want it to. Add in that the hybrid spine makes it good for the Cable Park or just behind the boat on your favorite lake, then we have to say that this board is an excellent investment for those who fall within its limited sizing range. It’s lightweight, versatile, and the flex in the tip and the tail gives intermediate and advanced riders the control that they need to really showcase their skills.

If you can ride a 139 or a 143, possess an intermediate or advanced skill level, and feel like a speed upgrade with a superior kick and pop, then the Connelly Standard is ready and waiting to deliver the goods!

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