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2023 Ronix Quarter 'Til Midnight Wakeboard Review

A women's wakeboard with a foam and glass core to deliver a lighter, faster board.

Ronix is back again with a vengeance with their Quarter ‘Til Midnight Wakeboard, which has a distinctly feminine look and a thinner, streamlined design that gives you a little grace on the water without sacrificing performance. Ronix tells us that they’ve taken some of the design features from their bestselling ‘all-purpose’ models and put them in the Quarter ‘Til Midnight wakeboard, going with a foam and glass core to deliver a lighter, faster board.

So, is it just a good-looking board or can it bring a healthy-heaping of pop to the table? Let’s start off with the specifications and then we’ll tell you a little more about what the QTM really brings to the table!

Specifications and Features

  • Length: 129, 134, and 138cm, Waist width:6.5, 17, 17.2 inches
  • Hybrid-3-Stage Middle / Continuous Outer Rocker
  • Secret Flex Construction
  • Fiberglass 1.0” Ramp Fins (4)
  • G&R Technology
  • Concave Bottom
  • Variable Rail
  • Thinner Profile
  • Universal Riding Style
ronix quarter til midnight wakeboard package with rise boots

The Ronix Quarter ‘Til Midnight definitely brings a bit of style to the table, with the baseline Ronix black and white design sporting tropical flowers for a much more feminine look. The upgraded aesthetics are certainly nice, but what’s even better is that the Quarter ‘Til Midnight is designed to adapt to your own signature style.

This is not a board for beginners, but for intermediate and advanced level wakeboarders who are ready to do a little showing-off, this board brings a lot to the table.

Takeoffs with this board are reliable and smooth and this board stores flex energy, allowing you to take full advantage of the 3-stage kick that you get from the 2-point rocker concave. That same flex also provides for the smoothest of landings and you can tell right away that there’s definitely more to this board than its stunning good looks.

Let’s take a closer look at two of its major features to give you a better idea of what The Quarter ‘Til Midnight really delivers.

Hybrid 3-stage rocker stores energy for a quick kick and pop!

The Ronix Quarter ‘Til Midnight employs a hybrid 3-stage rocker, which consists of a 2-point concavity where two curves are blended towards the middle of the board. This provides you with a very smooth center curve which stores a small amount of energy in the flex, letting you give it a kick and explode from the water!

This allows for easy and predictable takeoffs, but you’ve also got the kind of control that you need for hairpin turns, and all it takes is a quick shift of your weight towards the tail. Standard turns feel more like a free-float, and the soft landings that you get from this board will definitely tempt you to test a few of your tricks.

Modello core with a thinner board design

This board is a foam and glass construct, with Magic Carpet base glass, along with a low friction base sheet that makes for smooth sailing as you chase the wake. It’s a thinner design than most boards, but the 2-point concavity helps you to distribute your body weight for a more comfortable and customized riding experience.

If you are looking to make high speed cuts, explosive pops, or simply feel like enjoying some effortless, low-maintenance turns as you navigate the wake, the Quarter ‘Til Midnight definitely delivers and it does so with STYLE!

The variable rail incorporated into this board also lets you edge to your heart’s content, but doesn’t make the board too stiff. This wakeboard has a fairly soft feel to the center, giving you quite the sweet spot when it comes to flex and control. You can have a smooth ride, or if you want to get fast and go aerial, this wakeboard has got you covered.

Ronix Quarter 'Til Midnight Wakeboard Price

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  • Smooth riding and explosive pops
  • Thinner design is streamlined for both comfort and performance
  • Blended rocker adapts to your own personal style


  • Definitely not for beginners
  • Feminine style may not appeal to everyone

Ronix Quarter ‘Til Midnight Wakeboard

ronix quarter til midnight wakeboard package with rise boots

The Verdict

We have to say that we definitely love this design. The Ronix Quarter ‘Til Midnight is lighter, faster, and thinner in the middle than most boards, and this really makes it quite a bit more graceful than many other boards we’ve tried. The stored energy of the rocker really lets you show-off, as it’s got just enough flex to pop when you like, and enough store to smooth out your landings.

The lighter design also gives you much more feedback while you’re on the water, and while the ride itself is a free-floaty bliss, you’ve got a lot of control of your board and you can definitely feel it. Finally, the comfort level of this board means that you can spend much more time doing what you love.

Our official verdict – the Quarter ‘Til Midnight is definitely a beauty with the control and grace to help you take your skillset to the next level!

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