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How To Choose the Best Wakeboards for Beginners

Everything you need to consider before you make your new wakeboard purchase

As a beginner at wakeboarding, you may be a little overwhelmed at all of the options available to you when it comes to buying your own wakeboard. There are so many sizes and features available, so choosing a beginner wakeboard can cause some anxiety. How do you find the best wakeboards for beginners if you don’t know much about them?


This article is here to help! We’ve listed all of the elements and features to look for in a beginner wakeboard, as well as a few of the best beginner wakeboards. If you need help choosing your very first wakeboard, read on to learn how!

5 Things to consider when buying the best beginner's wakeboard

When it comes to buying the best wakeboards for beginners, there are several factors you’ll need to consider before you make a purchase. Determine which of the options best suits your needs and specifications, and find a wakeboard that best suits you.

1. Price

One of your first considerations is going to be price. You have to be able to afford whichever wakeboard you have chosen. Come up with a budget, and look for wakeboards that fall within that budget. A good starting price is between $200-$400. Anything over will generally be more for intermediate or advanced riders.  Wakeboard packages are a good way to start because they include the bindings with the wakeboard. 

best wakeboards for beginners

2. Length

Length is an important feature in your wakeboard. The length of your board should match your weight and style, otherwise it won’t float properly and the experience will be frustrating for you. The following chart will help you choose the best size wakeboard for beginners.
Weight Wakeboard Size
Under 100 pounds
130 centimeters
90-150 pounds
130-134 centimeters
130-180 pounds
135-139 centimeters
170-250 pounds
140-144 centimeters
Over 250 pounds
Longer than 144 centimeters

If you fall within a range, you can choose any size within that range, although it’s important to note that there are pros and cons. A wakeboard on the bottom end of your range will be slower and harder to push through water, and landings will be rougher. On the other hand, smaller boards are easier to manipulate in the air, making jumps and spins easier. Smaller boards are best for more experienced wakeboarders.


A longer board is easier to ride and control, and it’s also faster in the water. It’s harder to do tricks, though. Overall, a longer board is probably going to be one of the best wakeboards for beginners.

best size wakeboard for beginners

3. Rocker and riding style

The “rocker” is the amount of curve a wakeboard has from its tail to its nose, and different wakeboards have different amounts of rocking. There are several different types of rockers, and each will be best suited to different levels of experience.

Continuous Rocker

Continuous rockers have a smooth, curved, and continuous rocker that provides a fast and smooth ride. These boards are very consistent and reliable and are easier to handle, making them one of the best beginner wakeboards.

3-Stage Rocker

3-stage rocker boards have three different angled surfaces. They are slower and clunkier and land harder than other rockers, though they give a lot of height off of the wake. It can be hard to maintain your balance on this type of rocker, so it’s best to leave this to more advanced riders.

Hybrid Rocker

Hybrid rockers come in a variety of designs and are often given different terms to describe them – progressive, aggressive, subtle, abrupt, blended. Basically, they are a combination of the continuous and 3-stage rocker, giving the best of both and are quite suitable for beginner wakeboarders. 

4. Base shape

Finding the best wakeboards for beginners will also have to do with the base shape of your wakeboard. There are several features to the wakeboard base:

  • Concaves: little indentations on the bottom of the board that help it jump higher and glide more smoothly
  • Channels: tiny fins on the bottom of your board that help lessen the impact of hitting the water
  • Featureless: a board without any fins or channels, leaving all the work to the rider
    Grind base: used for boards that will encounter metal and other rough surfaces at wakeboard parks

5. Edges and fins

Wakeboards have sharp edges in various degrees. The sharper the edge, the faster your wakeboard can go, but it’s also easier to crash and wipe out. Rounder edges make your wakeboard go slower, but are smoother and easier to land and control, and good for doing tricks.


Fins help to make your board more stable, and they come in various lengths. Longer fins will increase the board’s grip on the water, but make it harder to get the board in the air and do tricks. Longer fins are best for beginners, and once you get more advanced you can opt for shorter fins.

Fins come in two types: screw-in and molded. Screw-in fins can be detached and replaced. Molded fins are generally more durable, but you can’t take them off. The best option for beginners would be screw-in fins.

Find a great beginners wakeboard for kids, women or men.

best beginner wakeboards

Our Top 3 Recommended wakeboards for beginners

1. Ronix Vault Wakeboard

One of the best wakeboards for beginners is the Ronix Vault. This wakeboard is excellent for beginners because it grows and progresses with you. It has features that beginner and advanced riders alike can appreciate.


This wakeboard has a mellow, continuous rocker; a longer fin on the toe-side and a shorter fin on the heel-side. The bottom of the board is very durable and easy to maintain. The price is great for beginners as well, and can often be purchased as a package with the bindings included. 

2. O’Brien System Wakeboard

The O’Brien System wakeboard is a great beginner wakeboard for it’s great performance at a low price. It’s very consistent, easy to control, and gives a smooth pop off of the wake. All of these features make the board great for beginner wakeboarders. The board starts at $199.

3. Hyperlite State/Eden 2.0 Wakeboard

This board from Hyperlite is another great option for beginners, though at a higher price point. It has an asymmetrical profile – a thinner toe-side edge and a thicker heel-side edge – which helps make jumps easier. It’s more of a hybrid rocker with some of the features of a continuous and a 3-stage rocker combined, giving you predictability and more air. The State/Eden 2.0 starts at $439.

Have fun with your new wakeboard

Whichever wakeboard you choose, make sure to do your research and ask lots of questions. Aside from using our guide, talk to people who already know how to wakeboard, as well as workers at wakeboard shops.
Once you find the best wakeboards for beginners you’ll be well on your way to mastering your new sport. Enjoy taking your new board out on the water and catching some wakes!
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