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Ronix RXT Blackout Wakeboard Review

This wakeboard is specifically designed for men wakeboarders to improve their performance while riding and landing smoothly and softly.

Ronix RXT Blackout Wakeboard is one of the most popular wakeboards in the market today, and it is for a reason! We’ll cover all the details you need to know before you decide on getting the Ronix RXT Blackout.


The RXT Blackout Wakeboard is a part of the latest modern wakeboards offered by Ronix in 2023. Its shape and construction is specifically designed so that wakeboarders can improve their performance while riding and landing more smoothly and softly.


Evidently, the board has a well-rounded shape followed by a tip that’s structured in such a way that can effectively break up water. Moreover, Ronix RXT Blackout has a versatile and stable built which makes it an ideal option for many sportsmen. It’s definitely a solid wakeboard that ensures that you experience a much safer land during sudden drops and establish smoother take offs with great momentum!

Specifications and Features

  • Continuous rocker
  • Blackout Technology
  • Four fiberglass 1.0″ Ramp fins
  • Four fiberglass 0.8″ Free Agent fins
  • Speedwalls
  • Saw cut rails for traction
  • Saw cut channels for release
  • Massi pro model
ronix rxt blackout technology wakeboard review
Not only does the RXT Blackout Wakeboard look sleek and durable, but it shows in its performance too! Ronix has been creating wakeboards since the 1990s, and continues to immerse itself with the pursuit of perfection! You can depend on the quality of their wakeboards, especially the freshest versions including the RXT Blackout Wakeboard which is engineered so you can ride faster, react quicker, land softer, get better hang time when you fly! Another thing about the RXT Blackout Wakeboard is that it comes at a great price – you get to enjoy a premium-quality board that’s durable enough to last with you for years.

Advanced Riding System

The Ronix RXT Blackout Wakeboard is structured with a continuous rocker, complete with four 1-inch ramp fins and four 0.8-inch free agent fins. This makes it easier for you to maneuver and to feel more stable on water!

Instant Energy

Ronix RXT Blackout is rated 10 in instant energy; which helps generate lift off transitions sooner and harder. With this, the board is recommended for more experienced riders who like to level up their flight.

Minimal and Modern Style

The RXT Blackout Wakeboard comes in a clean laser como blue design. It has a smooth and balanced surface best intended for a more intense and professional wakeboarding experience.


  • A softer landing with a new tip and tail shape
  • delivers instant snap off the wake
  • with lenient landings
  • Secret Blackout technology core for high quality feedback
  • Seamless connection and experience between rider, board, and water


  • Not ideal for starters/beginners
  • Ride might be too intense for others


ronix rxt blackout technology wakeboard review

The Verdict

Having a strong and solid wakeboard is important so you can perform better at your sport while reducing the risks of getting injured. Ronix RXT Blackout has the qualities that make it stand out among other wakeboards; and it does exceptionally well for its price. Notably, the RXT Blackout Wakeboard is created by one of the most trusted brands in the wakeboarding community. So if you’re looking for a board with the best value, then this just might be it!

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