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Connelly Pure Wakeboard Review

connelly pure wakeboard review 2022

The Connelly Pure wakeboard is an ideal wakeboard for beginners and intermediate wakeboarders. Provides a stable ride with great pop.

Connelly Blaze Wakeboard Review

connelly blaze wakeboard package review

The Connelly Blaze wakeboard package is ideal for beginner to experienced wakeboarders. Packed with features, it’s a responsive board…

Ronix Krush Wakeboard Review

ronix krush wakeboard package review

The Ronix Krush wakeboard is an ideal board for beginners. A thinner profiled board gives you great performance and more control.

Wakeboarding vs Water Skiing

wakeboarding vs water skiing

Wakeboarding vs water skiing, is there a winner or do you just love both? Learn what makes them similar and different.

Connelly Lotus Wakeboard Review

connelly lotus wakeboard review

A quality Connelly women’s wakeboard designed to help you learn the basics fast. Ideal for beginners and intermediate wakeboarders.

Wakesurfing vs Wakeboarding

wakesurfing vs wakeboarding

Wakesurfing vs wakeboarding – how easy is the change over? If you’ve been wakeboarding for a while it may be time to try wakesurfing,

Ronix Vault Wakeboard Review

ronix vault wakeboard package review

The Ronix Vault wakeboard is designed to be a foundational board to develop riders skills and techniques. Ideal for riding behind the boat.