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Ronix Krush Wakeboard Review

Designed for women's natural imbalance of shoulder and hip placement when wakeboarding.

The Krush Wakeboard is part of Ronix’s latest model and is considered one of the top versions that’s designed for women. Ronix Krush Wakeboard has superior quality and a wisely configured built that recognizes the natural imbalance of shoulder and hip placement when wakeboarding.

It’s a version that’s newly released by Ronix in 2023, providing fresh features that make it easier to ride compared to other wakeboards. To note, some of its best attributes are its lightweight structure and its ability to create better contact with water. Thus, making it highly preferable among amateur and professional riders alike!

Ronix has been in the wakeboarding innovating business since the 1990, so you can expect quality boards with sleek finishes that perform beyond as hoped. Ronix Krush has a couple of favorable features that appeal to regular riders who enjoy the feel of the sport. For one, it’s carefully engineered so that riders can have more feedback with water and less swing weight in the air; making it more stable and lighter to maneuver.

Specifications and Features

  • 3-Stage Rocker
  • Secret Flex Construction
  • 2 Fiberglass 1.7” Hook Fins
  • 2 Molded-in Fins
  • Thinner, Sharper Toeside Rail
  • Fuller, Vertical Heelside Rail
  • Designed for the building block to wakeboarding
ronix krush wakeboard package review
Ronix Krush Wakeboard comes with the reason that it’s professionally constructed with features that can benefit your performance!It’s built with mod pour foam, M6 inserts, a magic carpet base glass, and low friction base sheet.

TPU Graphic Top Sheet

Ronix Krush is finished with a sleek TPU which adds to its non-slip aspect. With it, you can achieve better balance and grip to your board, especially during tough take offs and when keeping up with momentum. The top sheet is also designed with a bright splash of mint and coral, making the board a cool choice for women.

Lightweight Construction

For the latest Roxin wakeboards including Krush, you can expect a lighter load since it has almost 20% of the weight taken out when compared to regular boards. This makes it easier for you to do transitioned turns and establish a better foundation when riding.

Ronix Krush Wakeboard Price

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  • Creates a pendulum with a more natural centripetal approach, which requires less effort on and off the water
  • Ideal for riders looking to do more tricks without risking a hard landing


  • Others might find it too abrupt or unstable during the ride
  • Rider must have complete control and understanding of the board to fully maximize experience

Ronix Krush Wakeboard

ronix krush wakeboard package review

The Verdict

With Ronix Krush, you get all the right qualities you’d like to have in an ideal board. When wakeboarding, it’s common to deal with challenging lifts which require strong physical resistance, balance and timing. Riding a thinner profiled board like Krush can enable you to put up with these tough takes, while having you perform better and in control. You can expect more top water speed while having less line.

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