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Ronix District Kids Wakeboard Package Review

Advanced features are good for advanced-level kids wakeboarders.

The advanced features and the user-friendliness of the Ronix District kids wakeboard makes it good for advanced as well as intermediate level wakeboarders. As Ronix says, the quality of their product is what matters to them. The quality of their boards and accessories has kept improving since 1990, when they launched their first wakeboard.


Ronix District makes their boards light in weight, with neutral energy response technology. For instance, the Ronix District wakeboard is designed to enable maximum energy transfer from the tip to the tail enabling them to do more work, such as jumping the wake, with less effort.
This board is designed with features to help you build your wakeboarding skill and experience as soon as possible. You are not likely to outgrow it anytime soon. As your wakeboarding skills improve, you will find ways to unlock more speed, perform tricks such as backside spin, bone out a grab, butt check or bunny hop and many more. This board will allow you to explore different wakeboarding experiences.


The Ronix District kids wakeboard we are reviewing here is the 2023 release. There have been others before it such as the Ronix District Kids 128, which is best for beginners and intermediate learners. There is also the 129, which is referred to as a chameleon because of its ergonomic ability to adapt to conform to your body, style and posture.

Since this is sold as a Ronix District Wakeboard package, it means you get the board and the boots in one package. You can save money by ordering the full package instead of buying the boots separately.

Specifications and Features

  • Length – 129CM, Width – 41.9CM, weight rating – 125 lbs
  • 4 molded-in fins
  • M6 inserts
  • Fiberglass and foam core
  • Mococoque & Krypto Cable Construction
  • Grom Glass
  • Hybrid rocker
  • District boot
ronix district kids wakeboard package with divide boots

Easily pop, land and execute surface tricks

Soon after learning how to maintain balance and stability on the Ronix District Kids wakeboard, a wakeboarder wants to try new tricks. The Ronix Junior wakeboard has a hybrid rocker, which brings you the best of two worlds.

First, you get a continuous rocker line in the middle section of the board. Secondly, the rocker steps up when it gets to the tip and the tail, to become a three-step rocker. The hybrid rocker is best for jumping from wake to wake. It also gives a bigger vertical pop than you would get when you use a wakeboard with a continuous rocker. The hybrid rocker on the Ronix District wakeboard has a flat section in the middle, which gives it the ability to pop higher easily off the wake.

While the flat middle section of the board is good for pop, it can be a little harsh on the landings since this board is not able to disperse the water properly. For this reason, the Ronix District Kids Wakeboard is best for intermediates and advanced users who love to ride behind the boat and pop off the wake at every opportunity.

A wakeboard with a hybrid rocker such as the Ronix kids wakeboard can be useful for boat wake riding, because it has fins.

A more aggressive but controllable approach into the wake

The District kids wakeboard comes with variable rail design, where the edges are sharp at the tip and tail and then they become more rounded towards the middle of the board.

You can build up speed fast because of the sharp edges at the tail and the tip, but at the same time, you will maintain your stability on the board because the mellow edges/rails at the center give it some flex.

When you are edging, you will need to apply pressure to the front toes or front heel to guide the board in the direction that you want to go. With rounded rails in the middle, the Ronix Junior wakeboard responds better than when it has sharp rails all around.

If you like doing tricks on your wakeboard, you will be better off with a variable edge board than with a sharp rail one. Also, a wakeboard with variable edges and a shorter length is easier to execute tricks in the air.

Glide on the water easily with minimal drag

The base of a wakeboard also determines how fast it can glide on the water. On the Ronix District Kids Wakeboard, the base is low friction, a feature that you would mostly find in costlier speed boards. The base is made of Modello Core, which is the lightest yet the most resilient core in the Ronix Wakeboards.

For this Ronix Junior wakeboard, the manufacturer has also employed G&R (Grip and Release) channels technology. This works very well in combination with the low friction base as it gives good traction in the water without creating unnecessary drag.

Enjoy more control with the District boot

The Ronix District Kids Wakeboard package also comes with the District boots. This boot has an ergonomic design so it conforms to the shape of the foot of the user. Even if you share your board with someone, the boot will still conform to the shape of their feet. These boots are built with Ronix’s innovative MainFrame chassis, which is adaptive to different sizes and Stage 2 foam, which is durable, comfortable and supportive. With your feet well protected and supported, you can concentrate on edging into the wake and stomp or try your favorite surface tricks.

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  • Minimal drag thanks to the concave design and hybrid rocker
  • Ramp fins help in direction control and keeping the board stable on the water
  • Easy to predict how the board will behave when you do certain things
  • Hybrid rocker gives the Ronix District Kids Wakeboard a softer landing than a traditional 3-stage rocker would
  • The short length of the board makes it good for surface and air tricks
  • Super construction with Modello core, G & R channel technology and variable rail


  • Not ideal for beginner youths

Ronix District Kids Wakeboard

ronix district kids wakeboard package with divide boots

The Verdict

If you are looking for a wakeboard that you can use intermittently in cable park and boat wakeboarding, go for the Ronix District Kids Wakeboard. Measuring only 129 CM long, this is a short board, so it will take its time to build speed. However, to compensate for that, shorter boards are the best for doing tricks like catching air, spinning, tweaking, raley and rampy wake tricks. The Ronix Junior wakeboard 2023 packs the latest technology and features to give you ultimate control when you are gliding in a boat’s wake. Just make sure you are below its maximum weight rating which is 125 lbs.

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