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The Best Wakeboard Brands

Discover what makes each wakeboard brand unique and which one is right for you

Searching for the Best wakeboard brands

When it comes to purchasing anything, whether it be a can of soup or new running shoes, one of the hardest things is choosing between brands. No matter if you’re shopping in person or online, there are so many thousands of different brands these days, making it hard to decide which are the best brands. Choosing the best wakeboard brands is no different.
The Internet can make choosing a brand harder, but it can also be a great help, because you can find lists and rundowns of wakeboard brands and make comparisons. There are plenty of reviews to be found online as well. Still, searching on the Internet for what you want can be time-consuming as well, so we’ve compiled a list of the best wakeboard brands and everything you need to know about them.
best wakeboard brands
We’re looking at our top six brands and telling you everything you need to know about them: what their focus is, who they make boards for, the unique designs and features that make their boards stand out, and even the lowdown on their customer service. If you’re in the market for a new wakeboard or even your very first one, take a look at our comparison of the best wakeboard brands to get you started on finding the perfect board to take out on the water.

A Comparison of Wakeboarding Brands

In this guide we’re looking at the following wakeboard brands to help you determine which is the best for your needs.  These brands have stood the test of time and are some of the leading brands in the industry. 

  • Hyperlite
  • Ronix
  • O’Brien
  • Liquid Force
  • Connelly
  • Slingshot

It’s quite possible that the wakeboard brand that is right for you, is not the same as the wakeboard brand that is right for other wakeboarders.  Wakeboards are designed with different features depending on who they are designed for and different wakeboard brands have different manufacturing processes and technology they implement in the construction of their boards. 


Wakeboards for beginners are different to those for more experienced riders, either intermediate or advanced.  Some wakeboards are unisex and will suit both males and females whilst others have specific features that make them more suitable to males or females.  Kids wakeboards are obviously smaller and have features that make them easier to learn on.  


To help you decide which of the best wakeboard brands is right for you we have considered the following criteria:


  • Focus of the company – What are their goals and intentions as a wakeboarding company? How experienced are they in manufacturing wakekoards?  Do they work with professional wakeboarders?
  • Wakeboarding customer – Who they make wakeboards for? What level wakeboarders do they design for? Do they make cable or boat wakeboards? Do they cater for different budgets?
  • Wakeboard design and construction – What are their unique technologies and construction processes? What design features do they implement in their wakeboards?  Are there different options and styles of wakeboards available?  What is the quality of the wakeboards like?
  • Customer service – What sort of warranties do they provide and are they a good company to deal with if there are issues?

The range of wakeboarding brands we consider all provide high-quality wakeboards that are designed to provide an enjoyable ride, season after season.  If you are a more experienced wakeboarder and are looking for a particular style of wakeboard you could always consider hiring a wakeboard before purchasing to see if you like the ‘feel’ of the board on the water. 

Hyperlite Wakeboards

Focus of the company

Hyperlite is one of the oldest and most well-known wakeboard brands in the wakeboarding world. The company was established in 1991, and its goal is to provide equipment that will enhance your experience on the water.  They provide top quality products to wakeboarders all over the world. Their tag line is “Quality Goods Don’t Fear Time”; the company strives to ensure that their high-quality products are durable and long lasting.

hyperlite wakeboards

Many well-known names in the wakeboarding world are associated with the Hyperlite wakeboarding brand.  Shaun Murray, JD Webb, Noah Flegl, Bec Gange and youngsters such as Kane Ward.  As a wakeboarding company they are active and invested in the wakeboarding community.  

Wakeboarding customer

Hyperlite’s wakeboards are designed to cater for a wide range of skill levels, from beginner to advanced.  No matter where you are in your wakeboarding journey, you’ll be sure to find what you need. 


Some wakeboards, such as the Hyperlite Motive, are designed more specifically for beginner riders, and are made in a range of sizes from kids to adults.  They include features to allow them to progress in developing their skills and are also suited to intermediate riders who are constantly extending themselves.  The boards are designed so that as you develop your skills, the board allows you to progress and ride more creatively. 


The Hyperlite range includes wakeboards for kids, men and women, and cable park wakeboards. They are a top quality wakeboard and provide good value for money as they are made to be durable and long lasting from one season to the next, year after year.  Prices cater for the more budget consciuous to top-of-the line wakeboards and often a wakeboard package is a great way to make your first purchase. 


Hyperlite also have an extensive range of bindings and boots, approved life vests, competition jackets, ropes and handles, and apparel and accessories.  Everything to support wakeboarders out on the water. 

Wakeboard design and construction

Hyperlite boards feature a unique DuraShell construction, a design that gives their boards a lighter feel, improves their durability, and gives them more buoyancy on the water for a higher and smoother ride. DuraShell combines the buoyancy of high-end EPS boards with the durability of compression-molded boards.

Customer service

Hyperlite’s customer service gets many 5-star reviews, and for good reason. They are generally responsive and will correct any issues with their products. Hyperlite offers a one-year warranty for most of their products.

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Ronix Wakeboards

Focus of the company

Another one of the popular wakeboard brands, Ronix started in the early 90’s, and is still considered to be one of the best wakeboard brands out there. The company focuses on perfection and the quality of their product. They state that their products take longer to make, but are ridden harder than any of the competition.

ronix wakeboards

Wakeboarding customer

No matter what skill level you are at, you’ll be able to find a board to fit your needs at Ronix. The company sells boards for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced.

Wakeboard design and construction

Ronix boards are made of the lightest materials for the purpose of weight reduction. Ronix also specializes in custom gear, such as their custom orthotic boots. This makes their products a little more on the pricier side, but they say that it’s totally worth it when you put on their custom gear and hit the water.

Customer service

Ronix offers a six-month limited warranty on most of their products. They don’t cover damage due to misuse, modification, normal wear, or any impact damage.

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O'Brien Wakeboards

Focus of the company

O’Brien is a company focused on family fun. They don’t just sell wakeboards – they also sell everything else you could need for watersports fun, including equipment for wakesurfing, paddleboarding, waterskiing, kneeboarding, tubing, and even pool floaties.
o'brien wakeboards

Wakeboarding customer

O’Brien makes a great entry-level wakeboard, but they also carry boards for all skill levels. You can find boards for everyone in your family, including kids.

Wakeboard design and construction

No matter what type of rider you are, O’Brien has a wakeboard for you. Beginners, pros, boat riders, or park riders can find what they need from this wakeboarding brand. The company offers boards for the beginner as well as for the advanced rider.

Customer service

O’Brien offers a one-year warranty for all towable products. If your product comes with a defect in material or workmanship, the company will replace the defective part or the whole product at no charge. If you want to return your unused purchase you can do so within 30 days. Customers must pay for return shipping.

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Liquid Force Wakeboards

Focus of the company

liquid force wakeboards
Liquid Force was founded in 1995 by two pioneers in wakeboarding, Tony Finn and Jimmy Redmon – they are even credited with creating the sport! Liquid Force places a great emphasis on relentless innovation, progressive design, maximum functionality, and unparalleled quality. They’ve won the WSIA “Manufacturer of the Year” award twice, making them one of the best wakeboard brands out there.

Wakeboarding customer

Liquid Force boards appeal to a wide variety of wakeboarders because of their versatility. They have boards that can be used for beginners and then adapted for more advanced riders.

Wakeboard design and construction

Liquid Force’s wakeboards are well-known for their continuously innovative designs, keeping them ahead of the competition. Their boards are adaptable for all levels, and are made from high-quality materials for ultimate durability.

Customer service

Liquid Force offers a one-year limited warranty on their products, which guarantees their products are free from manufacturer’s defects. The company accepts free returns and exchanges, minus shipping charges, on their products within 30 days of purchase.

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wakeboarding brands

Connelly Wakeboards

Focus of the company

connelly wakeboards
The Connelly brand has been around since the 60’s, when they were producing wood waterskis. Since then they’ve become major players with the innovation of fiberglass skis and boards and are constantly revolutionizing the industry. They can claim a lot of “firsts”: the first to leverage geometry to revolutionize flex control, the first to use lycra materials in wakeboard bindings, the first to use leather bindings. While they’re known for starting out in waterskiing, their boards make them one of the top wakeboarding brands.

Wakeboarding customer

Whether you want to enjoy some wakeboarding, waterskiing, or surfing, Connelly is the one-stop shop for everything you need. You’ll be able to find all of the gear that you need to get started and get great at your water sport.

Wakeboard design and construction

Connelly’s boards are made with the main focus of offering the best performance possible through their innovative inventions and designs. One of those inventions is their System 80, which is a polyurethane foam made from closed-cell technology with light density, giving the core of the board strength and durability, as well as giving the rider a smoother ride with less impact. Their innovations put Connelly at the top with the best wakeboard brands.

Customer service

Connelly offers a one-year limited warranty on all of their products except for wood products, leisure items, and pumps.

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Slingshot Wakeboards

Focus of the company

slingshot wakeboards
Slingshot prides itself on doing something new and different. They aren’t in it for the awards or being the best wakeboard brand; they’re in it simply for the ride and enjoying it. That doesn’t mean they haven’t won their fair share of awards, though, or that they don’t try to create the best products out there. They’re constantly experimenting with new shapes and technologies in an effort to find the next big adventure.

Wakeboarding customer

Slingshot isn’t just for wakeboarders, though they carry some great wakeboards for all skill levels. They also carry windsurfing, surfing, kite, and wing foil equipment, as well as all of the personal gear you will need.

Wakeboard design and construction

Slingshot was the first in the industry to introduce chined rails, which allow the board to slide more easily across bumpier surfaces, giving a looser feel on the water. Their boards feature a vertically laminated wood core which gives them a well-known flavor and flex. Some other innovative designs from the company are their carbon bedrock inserts which reduce overall board weight and give a more consistent flex, and their ballistic base, a .7mm bulletproof base layer that gives you extra protection.

Customer service

Slingshot guarantees that its products are free of defects in materials and workmanship, and offers a one-year warranty from date of purchase. If your board has defects you can return or exchange it, or have it repaired. You can also return your unused product within 45 days of purchase for free, excluding shipping. They do not accept exchanges, but you can return your product and place a new order.

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You can’t go wrong with the best wakeboard brands

When you’re in the market for a wakeboard, and you want the best, it can be difficult to decide which of the many wakeboarding brands is the best fit for you and your riding style. After while every wakeboard starts looking the same, and you have no idea whether you want one with custom orthotic boots or one with a super-tough bulletproof surface.


With so many options in front of you, the best thing to do is choose the brand that best fits your vision and what you want to get out of your experience. You can’t go wrong with choosing one of the best wakeboard brands that we’ve listed above; a board from any of those companies will serve you very well.


So read up on which wakeboard brands are best for you, and go ahead and buy that wakeboard. You won’t regret it when you’re having the time of your life out on the water!