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Hyperlite Relapse Wakeboard Review

Excel in wakeboarding with this board designed for experienced riders

The Hyperlite Relapse Wakeboard, which is a JD Webb signature model is great value for a pro model wakeboard.  It’s aimed more at intermediate level riders and can be ridden with or without the removable center fins.  The input from JD Webb combined with Butch’s shaping has resulted in a truly unique wakeboard that delivers explosive pop. 


If you want to excel in wakeboarding and get that massive height off the wake, then Hyperlite’s Relapse might be the perfect wakeboard for you. It has a Biolite 3 core and monocoque construction, resulting in a board that is both lightweight and durable. 

Specifications and Features

  • 136cm, 141cm
  • Blended 3-stage rocker
  • Single concave base
  • Slight edge channels in base
  • Molded in fins and removable fins
  • Thinned out tip and tail
  • Monocoque construction
  • Biolite 3 core
  • Layered glass
  • M6 inserts
hyperlite relapse wakeboard package review

If you’re looking for a more advanced men’s wakeboard we would honestly recommend checking out the Hyperlite Relapse. This board has been one that has been a consistent best seller for a number of years and we think you’ll still love it.  If you are looking for JD’s newest model featuring Hyperlite’s newest loaded construction technology, check out the Hyperlite Source Loaded wakeboard.

Lightweight Biolite 3 Core

Many people love the feel of a natural wood deck and the ‘snap’ it provides. However, if wood is used as the deck material then the weight of the board will be greater. This had somewhat limited wakeboarding making some manoeuvres more difficult, especially for beginners. Hyperlite came up with the perfect solution.


Hyperlite invented a new material, called Biolite 3 core material. This is a wood-like material with all the specifications of wood but it is significantly more lightweight. The core layer of Biolite 3 material gives the rider the feeling of a wood deck under your feet, without the limitations of the excess weight.  And not only is it lightweight, but incredibly durable.


The Hyperlite Relapse also has a thinned out tip and tail which results in a lighter swing weight which is ideal for spins, inverts and other tricks. 

Best Selling Wakeboard

The Hyperlite Relapse wakeboard has been a popular model over the years.  The shaping of the  blended 3-stage rocker has resulted in a wakeboard that gives a much more aggressive vertical pop, but also allows for more speed.  Combine this with the single concave base and you’re set for maximum air with soft landings.


The slight edge channels on the base and molded in fins allow for greater edge control into the wake, building speed as you go.  If you want more grip, it’s best to keep the center fins in place as removing them will allow for an even more progressive edge. 


The quality of Hyperlite wakeboards has also contributed to their popularity.  Unlike some of the cheaper wakeboards available, the quality construction used by Hyperlite really sets this company apart.  The layered glass construction ensures that you will have a wakeboard that resists delamination and retains its original pop off the wake year after year.   

Hyperlite Relapse Wakeboard Package Price

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  • Speedy ride with great edge control
  • Maximum air with soft landings
  • Great value for money
  • Light swing weight
  • Option to remove center fin as your skills increase


  • Aesthetically not as exciting as some other wakeboards

Hyperlite Relapse Wakeboard Package

hyperlite relapse wakeboard package review

The Verdict

When you have a wakeboard designed by some of the best in the industry, it stands the test of time.  The Hyperlite Relapse wakeboard is one such wakeboard.  It is designed with key features that will give you an aggressive ride, allow for flexibility as you develop your skills and send you up into the air to give the best chance to master those new tricks you’ve been working on. 


The blended 3-stage rocker combined with the simple base features allows you to approach the wake with progressive edge and build speed on the way.  The result is, of course, aggressive vertical pop off the wake to explode you into the air.  And with the quality construction Hyperlite are known for, you’ll be out there on the water, soaking it all up, again and again.

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