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Hyperlite Source Loaded Wakeboard Review

Advanced technology used to produce an extremely lightweight wakeboard

If you love wakeboarding and are confused about which wakeboard is perfect for you this summer, we’d recommend considering the Hyperlite Source Loaded wakeboard. This is JD Webb and Scott Bouchard’s creation, originally modeled on the Hyperlite Relapse, which was a favorite board of JD’s.  


The Hyperlite team never disappoints us by always doing an excellent job with their boards, and they are constantly stretching the boundaries with their advances in technology.  The new Loaded Construction is the most advanced in the wakeboarding industry and results in extremely lightweight boards and wakeboarders say you can actually feel the board storing energy and releasing it as you explode off the wake. The Hyperlite Source Loaded wakeboard is not the most affordable wakeboard on the market, but it is one of the lightest, fastest and strongest.

Specifications and Features

  • 139cm, 143cm
  • Blended 3-stage rocker
  • Single concave base
  • Sized up philosophy
  • Minimum swing weight profile
  • Sculpted tip and tail
  • Monocoque construction
  • Loaded construction
  • Layered glass
  • M6 inserts
hyperlite source loaded wakeboard review
The Hyperlite Source Loaded wakeboard is an advanced board but is suitable for riders of all skill levels.  Beginners will be able to learn the foundational techniques needed for wakeboarding, but this board also has all the features to satisfy the most experienced riders.  With two different size options it caters for men who want to get out there and enjoy being on the water. The board allows the rider to feel connected and to feel the responsiveness of the wakeboard.  It truly gives a great wakeboarding experience.

Explosive Vertical pop and Super soft landings

For this board, Scott Bouchard implemented the blended 3-stage rocker.  It’s one of the few Hyperlite boards with this style of hybrid rocker and ensures that you get massive vertical pop off the wake, with a bit more of a relaxed feel at the kick-points.  


The other benefits of the blended 3-stage is that it carries you further across the wake and has less drag than a traditional 3-stage rocker so you can get faster speeds on the water and into the wake.  As you approach the wake on this board the design of the dual tip-tail channels, being on the outside of the fins, allows the board to build speed naturally and approach the wake with a controlled feel.  


One of the goals JD had for this board was to achieve the softest landings possible.  Features to reduce the impact of landings were crafted into this board to make sure that landings were as smooth as could be. These include Hyperlite’s sized up philosophy which increases the surface area, and the natural molded landing zone to reduce impact.

Freeride Sensation with advanced core technology

The feeling of wakeboarding on the Hyperlite Source Loaded has been described as a “freeride sensation”.  There’s a few reasons for this.  The new loaded construction is fully carbon and has resulted in Hyperlite’s lightest boards yet.  The carbon construction is also very responsive, storing energy for maximum pop off the wake.  Riders say you can actually feel the board storing energy as you approach then wake and then release the energy as you explode off the wake.  The vertical pop is not only massive but also smooth.


The base is clean, there’s not too much going on.  The single concave base and dual channels allow water to flow freely, giving the wakeboarder a controlled feel to the board.  Transitions are smooth and the rounded rail means you can  maintain edge hold when needed.

Hyperlite Source Loaded Wakeboard Price

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  • Explosive vertical pop off the wake
  • Smoother landings
  • Less drag than a traditional 3-stage rocker
  • Loaded construction makes it super lightweight and responsive
  • Rounded rail maintains edge hold
  • Freeride sensation


  • More expensive than other boards

Hyperlite Source Loaded Wakeboard

hyperlite source loaded wakeboard review

The Verdict

This wakeboard is truly advanced in its technology, but simple in design to provide a wakeboard that allows for that freeride experience on the water.  There’s a lot to rave about here.  Hyperlite’s new loaded construction with the low density carbon core and full carbon top and base have resulted in their lightest board yet that is undeniably responsive.  To feel the energy being stored and released in the board as you pop off the wake is amazing.  And the blended 3-stage rocker provides that explosive pop with more speed than a traditional 3-stage.  The goal for this board was threefold – massive pop, super soft landings and a freeride feel – and the Hyperlite Source Loaded wakeboard really does deliver as expected. 

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