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Ronix Supreme Wakeboard Review

A user-friendly men's wakeboard with a saucy combination of everything you wanted for a ride of a lifetime.

Look and feel good as the Ronix Supreme gears you up for all your rides this summer! In today’s ever demand for spins and thrills, adapting is always key, and that’s why the people in Ronix created a wakeboard specifically made for today’s new style of emerging riders.


The Ronix Supreme Wakeboard introduces us to new features that are not only user-friendly but also a saucy combination of everything you wanted for a ride of a lifetime. Inspired by how continually explosive riders are today — this wakeboard offers us the Hybrid Rocker, putting together the best of a 3-stage and continuous rocker in one. This high-end board is built for advanced riders looking for high-end adaptability. Many call it a sandwich board just because of how seamlessly constructed the board is and how it features a light Air Core that runs across the top to its tail and wood material for its length on the top and bottom. The Ronix Supreme is not for the faint of heart let alone wallet as it comes with a hefty price tag, but the value and quality it offers sure do overlap the price.

Specifications and Features

  • Hybrid – Continuous Middle /3-Stage Outer Rocker
  • Sandwich Construction
  • Air Core 3
  • M6 Inserts
  • Speedwalls
  • Paulownia Wood Core
  • 4 Fiberglass 1.0” Ramp Fins
  • 4 Fiberglass 0.8” Asym Fins
  • Tip/Tail Speedwalls
  • Tip/Tail Concave
  • G&R Technology
  • 2 Guide Channels
ronix supreme wakeboard review

Supreme Wakeboard is its name and sure does live up to the title as it’s a compilation of the latest and innovative technology to help propel your wakeboarding means — literally! You’ll surely feel the energy in an instant the second your board hits the wake. A very durable design in general, that’ll allow you to take a quick lift and smooth transition with a firm snap off the wake — perfect for those looking for that added kick.

Speed Walls

Constructed to be highly responsive and rider-friendly! The Ronix Supreme Wakeboard is made out of mold wrapped in carbon to fully maximize torsion stiff layout for every ride, resulting in more top water speed and a durable bumper.

Sandwich ATR Construction

The only board of its kind that offers and utilizes a full sheet of wood and is sandwiched in the middle with reactive PVC. Ultimately, resulting in a durable yet sensible board for the rider and the water while effortlessly getting off the wake.

Hybrid Rocker

Get the best traits of a 3 Stage and Continuous rocker in one! Ronix Supreme introduces us to their Hybrid Rocker, engineered and designed for a high-end ride that is sure to keep up with how you want to be into the wake. Be sure to expect softer landings than a 3-stage rocker but not as soft as a continuous rocker, basically a middle-ground between the two.


  • Offers a progress since continuous rocker helps riders come into the wake flatter and faster
  • Features the best traits of a 3 stage and continuous rocker in one (Hybrid Rocker)


  • Perfect for only riders with advanced skill level
  • High-end board with a hefty price tag
  • Being too mixed and combined may not be suitable for your wakeboarding needs


ronix supreme wakeboard review

The Verdict

The Ronix Supreme Wakeboard is perfect for riders that specifically know what they want but can’t exactly pinpoint how they want it. Fortunately, you get the best value in what this wakeboard has to offer, giving riders that lean-heavy style that stays aggressive wake-to-wake after every ride along with a much faster kick off the wake.

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