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Connelly Pure Wakeboard Review

Ideal for beginner and intermediate wakeboarders who are looking for stability with great pop off the wake.

Connelly wakeboards have been around for a long time, since the 1960’s.  Their valuable experience gained over years of manufacturing wakeboards and having pro riders test them,  has been used to create the Connelly Pure wakeboard which is a great stable board for beginning wakeboarders.  In addition to this stability, the wakeboard is also designed to meet the needs of wakeboarders wanting to progress their skills with more advanced techniques, such as learning how to jump the wake.

Specifications and Features

  • 130cm, 134cm, 141cm lengths
  • 3-Stage Rocker
  • System 80 core
  • Full spine
  • 4 long base molded fins
  • 2 bolt on 1.9” plastic Skater fins
connelly pure wakeboard review 2022

Superior tracking and Stability

The Connelly Pure wakeboard is designed for stability on the water.  The long molded in fins and rail channels on the base provide for great tracking across the water and allow the rider to have ultimate control when approaching the wake.   Removable 1.9″ fins can be added to the center of the board when learning for greater grip. Rremoving these as the wakeboarder progresses will allow for more freedom over the surface of the water as your skills and confidence improve. 

Predictable Pop With A Soft Landing

The mellow 3-stage rocker has been chosen for this board as it provides stability for beginners as they move across the water, and it allows for increased pop off the wake that is a bit more explosive that a more continuous rocker line.


With a full spine, landings are nice and soft with the Connelly Pure wakeboard.  When your learning, this is important.  As exciting as it is to get that pop off the wake, it can be spoiled by a sloppy landing.  Having the full spine allows for landing to be a bit easier to control, and as wakeboarders increase their tricks off the wake, stomping the landing is equally important and helped by the design of this wakeboard. 


  • stable ride 
  • great tracking
  • easy to control
  • smooth landings
  • great pop off the wake
  • lightweight core
  • 3 sizes available


  • color option may not suit everyone

Connelley Pure Wakeboard

connelly pure wakeboard review 2022

The Verdict

If you are looking for a durable, quality wakebaord, backed by the experience of a company that has been in the industry for over 60 years, the Connelly Pure wakeboard is ideal.  We recommend it for beginner riders, and with the 3 sizes available it can suit all ages.  Kids will more than likely outgrow it before they out perform it as the features will have them loving this board for years to come. 

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