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Wakeboarding - How to Jump Like a Pro

Master wakeboarding jumps with our easy-to-follow instructions and tips

Jumping on a wakeboard is one of the most thrilling parts of the sport, and it is the basis for many cool tricks. Fortunately, the wakeboard jump is not that hard to master. You can’t just start jumping, however; there are a few beginner tricks you need to master before you can jump like a pro.


If you want to master wakeboarding, learning how to jump is your first step to proficiency. We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide on how to jump on a wakeboard, as well as all of the tips and tricks you need to get started, and to master the wakeboard jump.

What is a wakeboard jump?

A wakeboard jump is really just what it sounds like: you’re jumping up in the air while on your board. Jumps are done over and across the wake, which are the waves that follow the boat. You start on one side of a wake and after you are in the air, land on the other side of the wake.

wakeboard how to jump

Jumping Prerequisites

Wakeboarding jumps are the basis for many of the more advanced tricks you’ll learn as a wakeboarder, so getting the basics right is important. Before you even begin jumping the wake there are few things you need to master first.

1. Being comfortable on the water

It’s important to be comfortable on the water before you try any tricks, because this will set you up for success. Make sure you are able to find your center while on your board and maintain good posture. You should be able to stay on your board for a longer period of time before attempting a wakeboard jump.

2. Crossing the wake

When you’re comfortable on your board, you can learn how to cross the wake, which means moving from one wake to the other. This is important because it’s a similar, though less intense, move to jumping the wake.

3. Edging

One big key to jumping successfully is knowing how to keep a progressive edge. This is where you move towards the wake at an angle, increasing your speed as you approach the wake. This helps you get enough air when you start doing wakeboarding jumps.

How to jump on a wakeboard

1. Start by cutting out away from the boat, until you feel it start to pull you back.


2. Check that your body is secure on the wakeboard for great control and that you are pointed in the direction you want to go. Make sure your back foot is firmly planted, and keep your arms straight in front of you. The rope should be held near your front hip, about 1-2 inches away. The rope should be taut to ensure that you land safely. Lock your elbows.


3. Start cutting back towards the wake. Lean your weight gently towards the heel edge of your wakeboard.


4. As you approach the wake, bend your knees and lean as far back as you can on your board’s heel edge. Having your weight on your back leg will help with balance and a clean landing. Start slow and soft and increase your speed gradually. You want to hit the wake at maximum speed.


5. Lean against the rope more as you approach the wake so your board curves through the water.


6. When you hit the wake, extend your legs out as if you are trying to head butt a soccer ball, which will help you gain height and distance.

wakeboarding jumps

7. Pull your knees close to your chest as you fly off the wake. This will help you get the most height.


8. Lean back about 45 degrees while in the air to maintain your balance. Continue holding the rope close to your waist and maintain tension. Keep your eyes on where you want to land.


9. As you land, bend your knees to avoid impact that can cause injuries.


10. Maintain the same angle when you land and begin to glide away to avoid falling or catching an edge.

Get more height on a wakeboarding jump

When you first start jumping on a wakeboard, don’t rush it. Keep your jumps small until you are able to maintain and regain your balance.  Getting the right towing speed for wakeboarding jumps is important.  Start at a slow speed, with the boat going between 16-18 miles per hour. Once you’re comfortable with smaller jumps you can move on to practicing bigger jumps.


The key to jumping higher is faster speed and a more progressive edge. The faster you approach the wake, the higher you will be able to jump. Another tip is to use a shorter rope. When you first start out jumping, your rope should be longer, around 55-60 feet. Once you start learning higher jumps you can decrease the length of your rope.

Practice makes perfect

how to jump on a wakeboard

Mastering jumping is the key to becoming a proficient wakeboarder, and you can’t master jumping without lots of practice. You might be a quick learner, or it might take years. However long it takes, always be patient with yourself and give yourself the time you need.


If you don’t learn jumping properly you won’t be able to perform more advanced tricks. When it comes to being impressive with your wakeboarding, how to jump is a necessary skill to master.  Take your time and pay attention to the details, they can make a big difference and help you have success.