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Wakeboarding Lessons

Whether you are a beginner or more advanced wakeboarder lessons will give you great technique to gain confidence and progress in your riding

You’ve been reading articles and watching videos about wakeboarding, and now you’re ready to take the plunge and start learning how to do it yourself. You’ve even bought your first wakeboard and have a friend with a boat ready to take you out. But there’s one more step: actually learning how to wakeboard. You’re not comfortable enough to just get out onto the water, so you want to take some wakeboarding lessons first.


If you’re in that situation, we’re here to help you figure out how to get started with wakeboard lessons. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about finding an instructor and some places you can go for lessons.

How to get started

Before you get started on wakeboarding lessons, there are a few things to consider based on your experience level and what you’re looking for. It’s good to consider these things before calling up instructors so you can right down to business.

What is the best age to start wakeboarding lessons?

Many wakeboarding instructors start lessons at the lowest around age 6, though often they will say that if a child is confident in the water without any assistance at a younger age you can start then. Aside from that, there is generally no age limit to learning how to wakeboard, and you can start at nearly any age that you are comfortable with, whether you are 14 or 41.

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Find a beginner's wakeboard for kids, women and men to get you off to a stable start

Types of wakeboard lessons

Some wakeboarding instructors offer private one-on-one lessons, as well as group lessons. Most instructors, however, only do group lessons with a group that you bring, rather than a group of strangers. Instructors often require a minimum of 1 hour per wakeboarding lesson, with up to two riders per hour.
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Experience levels

Most instructors will provide lessons for riders of all experience levels, from total beginner to more advanced. Just make sure you specify what your experience level is when contacting an instructor to ensure that they are able to accommodate you and give you the best experience.

Finding a coach

If you don’t know someone who can recommend a coach, some quick internet research for “wakeboarding lessons near me” will bring up a list of instructors in your area. Take some time to read through their website to see what they offer or require, and check reviews of other clients to see if they’re good.

What to bring to your wakeboarding lesson

When you book a wakeboarding lesson, bring the following supplies so you’re prepared for anything. This is just a generic list; check with your instructor for anything else they may require.

  • Your wakeboard (if your instructor doesn’t provide one)
  • A swimsuit that won’t fall off in the water
  • A towel
  • A sweatshirt for chilly mornings or evenings
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Sunscreen (make sure to apply it before your lesson)
  • A filled-out liability waiver (most instructors will require one)

How much do wakeboarding lessons cost?

The cost of a wakeboard lesson will depend on the location, but typically you can expect to pay upwards of $50 per hour for each lesson. Check with your local instructor for a specific rate. Typically instructors will take multiple people per lesson, so it’s possible you can split the cost with your friends.

Wakeboarding camps

Another great option for wakeboarding lessons is going to wakeboarding camp. Camp is a good option for all levels of learners, whether you’re just starting out, or just want to hone your skill. You’ll get great instructors and be able to wakeboard with many different people. Many camps offer lessons for all ages of learners, whether you’re a kid or an adult, and some even accommodate families.


Wakeboarding camps are staffed with professional instructors who can guide you through your first time wakeboarding or learning new tricks without all the bad falls. Wakeboarding camps can be a little more cost-effective as you’ll likely be paying a one-time fee for a certain number of days.

Top Wakeboarding Lessons in the United States

Where you can go wakeboarding of course depends on whether you have a lake or a waterpark near you. We’ve listed below some of the top wakeboarding camps and schools in the United States, by location. If you don’t live near one of these locations, a quick Google search for “wakeboarding lessons near me” will bring up any options in your area.

East Coast Wakeboarding Lessons

wakeboard lessons

West Coast Wakeboarding Lessons

Central Wakeboarding Lessons

Take the plunge with a wakeboarding lesson

If wakeboarding is something that you’ve been dying to try, but you’re too nervous to get out there on your own, call up an instructor and start up some wakeboarding lessons. A well-trained instructor will get you started on your wakeboard and help you build up your confidence so you’ll be riding by yourself and performing all kinds of tricks in no time!