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Top Picks for Wakeboarding in Texas

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Everything’s bigger in Texas. The hats, the trucks, the food, the weather…even the state itself. Does that mean that the wakeboarding is bigger in Texas? Well, we know it’s pretty good, since there are some top-notch places to go wakeboarding in the Lone Star State.


Wakeboarding in Texas is a great idea since the weather is good much of the year (though contrary to common belief, it does get cold in the winter!), and no matter where you go you’re sure to find a good place to take your board out. Texas is home to several famous wake parks, as well as excellent wakeboarding lakes.


If you’re looking for a great spot to go wakeboarding, whether it is a natural lake with beautiful scenery or a fun wakeboarding park, we’ve compiled a list of the top picks for wakeboarding in Texas.

Best wakeboarding Locations in Texas

  • Hydrous Wake Park
  • Lake Amistad
  • Lake Travis
  • Hangar 9
  • Lake Conroe
wakeboarding lakes in texas

Hydrous Wake Park

The famous Hydrous Wake Park is one of Texas’ premier cable wake parks, and it has two locations, one in Little Elm and one in Allen, both just north of Dallas. The park features a main cable park with three separate lakes for beginners, intermediate riders, and advanced riders. There’s also a water park for family fun, and the park hosts summer camps as well as giving lessons year-round. If you don’t have equipment you can easily rent it.


If you’re staying overnight, the park has arrangements with the nearby Hilton Garden Inn in Allen with a special rate and a free shuttle to and from the park. There’s plenty to do in and around Allen when you’re not wakeboarding with the wide variety of restaurants, shops, theaters, and walking trails. If you’re looking for a place to go wakeboarding in Texas, you can’t go wrong with Hydrous!


  • Two locations
  • Lessons and rentals available
  • Discounted accommodations nearby


  • Can be pricey
  • Very popular
wakeboarding locations in texas

Lake Amistad

Lake Amistad lies on the western border of Texas and Mexico, and is a stunning, more secluded spot to go wakeboarding in Texas. If you’re a history buff, you’ll find Lake Amistad very interesting. There’s actually a whole town under the lake! When the Amistad Dam and Reservoir were built, the entire town of Devil’s River flooded and now lies underwater.


Don’t let that creep you out, though, because Lake Amistad is a great place to go wakeboarding. It’s less populated than other Texas lakes, and spans nearly 70,000 acres. It’s surrounded by stunning walled canyons and coves for a great view, no matter whether you’re wakeboarding or just camping at the various campsites.


  • Secluded
  • Stunning scenery
  • Campsites available


  • No rentals available
wakeboarding in texas

Lake Travis

If you’re looking for a wakeboarding lake in Austin, Lake Travis is a great option. It’s known as the “Crown Jewel” of Texas lakes, and is the most-visited water recreation site in the state. The water is crystal-clear due to its limestone bottom and is surrounded by beautiful scenery. The lake covers over 18,000 acres with hundreds of points of access along its shores.


No matter if you’re planning on wakeboarding or not, Lake Austin has something for everyone. Visit one of the lakeside parks for picnicking, swimming, or hiking; go ziplining; or visit one of the four waterparks. After you’ve spent a day on the lake, check out one of the many restaurants, vineyards, craft breweries, or live music scenes nearby. It’s one of the best wakeboarding lakes in Texas.


For overnight stays, Lake Travis offers camping options as well as a variety of hotels and vacation rentals. If you don’t have your own wakeboarding boat you can rent one from one of the several boat rental options.


  • Beautiful scenery
  • Plenty of recreational options
  • Campsites available


  • Very popular

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wakeboards for beginners

Hangar 9

For wakeboarding Dallas, you can’t go wrong with Hangar 9, a cable park just north of the city in Conroe. The park is a great place to learn wakeboarding if you’ve never done it before, as well as a great place to board as a more seasoned boarder. If you don’t have any equipment, just bring your swim suit and the park will provide the rest!


Aside from wakeboarding lessons, the park offers summer camps, ladies’ nights, family discounts, and Houston’s only aqua park. Kids can have a blast on the inflatable obstacle course in the aqua park. For overnight stays, there are hotels nearby. Hangar 9 is a super fun place for wakeboarding in Texas!


  • Wakeboarding lessons
  • All equipment provided
  • Variety of activities


  • No campsites available
wakeboarding dallas cable park

Lake Conroe

If you want to wakeboard Houston, Lake Conroe is a good option. It’s only a short drive away from the city, and it’s one of the most popular lakes in that area for water sports and recreational boaters. You’ll get more of a city view than natural scenery, but you can catch a view of the Sam Houston National Forest on the north end, making this a good option for wakeboarding in Texas.


Being near the city, there are plenty of options for overnight accommodations, and there are several campgrounds along the shore. If you need equipment you can rent it from one of the multiple rental options. After being on the water for the day you can relax at one of the wineries or breweries, or hang out at Margaritaville.


  • Camping available
  • Rentals available
  • Many options for activities nearby


  • Water can be choppy
  • Less natural scenery
wakeboard houston lake conroe

Wakeboarding in Texas is bigger and better

Whether you want natural scenery on a crystal-clear lake or fun obstacles in a state-of-the-art wakeboarding cable park, wakeboarders of all skill levels can find something fun in Texas. From Dallas to Houston, there are plenty of options for water-sports lovers.  


If you have a wake boat or you’re into jet ski wakeboarding, it’s time to get out on the water and soak up the sun in Texas.  When the summer weather is getting unbearable, throw on your swim suit, grab your board, and head out to one of our top destinations for wakeboarding in Texas, and you’re sure to have a great time!

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