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Best Slingshot Wakeboards - 2023

Feel connected to your board and get that free-ride sensation with a Slingshot wakeboard

Enjoy The Thrill Of Wakeboarding With A Slingshot Wakeboard

They’re not the oldest company around, but they are innovative.  Slinghot were the first to introduce their ballistic base and chined rails, resulting in a looser feel over bumpier water.  The feel of a really free-ride sensation is possible with Slingshot.


They create boards for kids, and adults, with no real distinction between men’s and women’s boards.  Their boards are designed with a carbon insert giving consistent flex and making them lightweight in design.  

Comparison of the Top Wakeboards for 2023




Slingshot Sports Solo Wakeboard

138, 142, 146, 150, 154cm

3-stage rocker


Intermediate, Experienced

  • Cable or boat

  • Atomic wood core

  • Signature flex tips


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Slingshot Sports Terrain Wakeboard

140, 144, 14, 152, 156cm

Contiuous rocker


Beginner, Intermediate

  • Ultra soft flex pattern

  • Extra thick sidewalls

  • Wider tip and tail


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Slingshot Sports Coalition Wakeboard

141,145, 149, 153, 157, 161cm

Hybrid rocker


Beginner to Experienced

  • Cable wakeboarding

  • 5 stance settings

  • Chined Rails


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Slingshot Sports Nomad Wakeboard

145, 150, 155, 160cm

Continuous rocker


Boat or cable

Beginner, Intermediate

  • Belly Channels

  • Whole new feel on the water

  • Bigger board size


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Slingshot Sports Super Grom Wakeboard

125, 130, 135cm

Continuous rocker



Beginner to Experienced

  • High performance board

  • Softer flex for lighweight riders

  • Extremely durable


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In the following short summaries, we provide a brief review of each Slingshot wakeboard in the table above.  Read the summaries below and if you want more detail, click either the Review button in the table or the Read More link in the summary below.

slingshot sports solo wakeboard review

Boat or Cable

Wakeboard size: 5 sizes ranging from 138 to 154cm  Weight Capacity:  Teens/Adults

Things we like:

  • very adaptable wakeboard
  • narrower outline
  • great stability and effortles edge control

Things to consider:

  • not an ideal beginner board

The Solo wakeboard by Slingshot Sports is a great all-rounder wakeboard that is equally at home behind the boat or in the cable park.  The signature flex tips allow you to lock into deep presses on obstacles, with the flex point being closer to the tip and tail for a totally new feel.  The added stability and edge is achieved by the addition of the belly channels. 

slingshot sports terrain wakeboard review

Cable Park Board

Wakeboard size: 5 sizes ranging from 140 to 156cm      Weight Capacity:  Teens/Adults

Things we like:

  • ultra soft flex pattern
  • extremely durable
  • user friendly

Things to consider:

  • cable park board only
  • more suited to beginner wakeboarders

The Slinghot Sports Terrain wakeboard is designed to help new riders gain the skills for pressing and overall control on obstacles.  With extra thick sidewalls and a relatively wider tip and tail, this wakeboard is designed to give the wakeboarder greater control.  The carbon bedrock inserts allow for greater flex under foot, and with a continuous rocker line you can keep riding at speed till your hearts content, with less fatigue.

slingshot sports coalition wakeboard review

Variety of options

Wakeboard size: 6 sizes from 141 to 161cm      Weight Capacity:  Teens/Adults

Things we like:

  • chined rails
  • 5 stance settings
  • gold standard for cable wakeboards

Things to consider:

  • designed to be a park board, not for behind a boat

The hybrid rocker of the Slingshot Sports Coalition wakeboard ensures great pop off the wake, whilst also achieving speed across the water.  This board has been enhanced over the last 10 years and is still one of the most loved cable park wakeboards as the rider can enjoy a free-flowing ride that slides across bumpier surfaces with ease thanks to the chined rails.  The variety of board sizes combined with the 5 options for your stance make this a board you can really customise for the wakeboarding experience you want to have. Designed for beginner to advanced wakeboarders. Go ahead and have some fun!

slingshot sports nomad wakeboard review

Great Stability

Wakeboard size: 145, 150, 155, 160cm      Weight Capacity:  Teens/Adults

Things we like:

  • larger board size
  • all-terrain
  • relaxed riding style

Things to consider:

  • perhaps not as challenging for experienced riders

If you are wanting to cruise on the water, this is the board for you.  The larger size of this board, means the experience is more stable and easier to control.  Even though the planing speeds are slightly less, the potential for pop off the wake is still there, ensuring a user-friendly experience which is particularly ideal for beginner and intermediater riders.  This board gives you a whole new feel of riding in style on the water.

slinghsot sports super grom wakeboard review

Designed for kids

Wakeboard size: 125 130, 135cm      Weight Capacity:  200lbs+ (90kg)

Things we like:

  • softer flex for lightweight riders
  • extremely durable
  • great for progressing with new tricks

Things to consider:

  • not designed for behind a boat or jetski

All the technology and design features of an adult wakeboard are downsized into the Slingshot Sports Super Grom kids wakeboard resulting in a high-performance park board for agile, young riders.  The continuous rocker ensures kids can reach peak speeds for a fast and fun feel on the water.  The softer flex is easier for lightweight riders to manipulate and helps to provide for softer landings.