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Slingshot Super Grom Wakeboard Review

A high performance park wakeboard giving a lively ride for young wakeboarders with advanced skills

Slingshot wakeboards are designed with innovative technology to give an adventurous experience on the water.  Enjoying wakeboarding and the fun of the sport is what drives them to design wakeboards that are constantly improving.  Slingshot have made a pretty good name for themselves and the Super Grom wakeboard is one of their finest which was specifically created with young riders in mind.  The Slingshot Super Grom is a performance board for youngsters, for those wakeboarders who are progressing in their sport and need a wakeboard that will progress with them, taking them to the next trick, the next thrill, the next rush of adrenaline!


The Slingshot Super Grom is designed specifically to be one of the best cable park wakeboards for young riders who are challenging themselves to be better at their wakeboarding and who want imitate the mentors they look up to.   It is a hybrid board and the fins can be attached if you want to ride it behind a boat.  And of course, the super cool graphic really sets this board apart in terms of style.  

Specifications and Features

  • Atomic Wood Core
  • Carbon Bedrock Inserts
  • Single-Shot Fusion Sidewalls
  • PBT Park Base
  • Four 0.75” X 6” Wake Fins
  • Softer flex for more agile riding
slinghsot sports super grom wakeboard review

With all the features and technology of an adult board, designed to perform in the same way for young riders, this board has a lot of potential to please.  It gives a really lively experience on the water and in 3 different sizes, you are sure to find one to suit your youngster. 

Lightweight with extra flex

The Slingshot Super Grom wakeboard is extremely lightweight with the fully atomic wood core.  Combine this with the carbon bedrock inserts and you have an extremely strong and durable board able to withstand the consistent efforts of a young rider going hard, again and again.  The unique construction gives Slingshot boards the characteristic feel they are well-known for. 


Being designed for younger riders it has a softer flex so that lighter riders can still press on the tip and tail to manipulate the board when needed.  The carbon bedrock inserts also allow for consistent flex, so the rider gets the same performance over and over.  They’ll have the ability to shine like a pro as they manoeuvre the board with style and agility. 

Speed on the water

With a continuous rocker profile, the Slingshot Super Grom wakeboard is capable of fast speeds over the water and softer landings.   The feel of the wakeboard on the water is exciting and fun.


The base of the wakeboard is the PBT park base which is basically bulletproof.  It’s designed to slide over the water giving a free-ride sensation.  In addition to this it is extremely durable and when combined with the single-shot fusion sidewalls in construction, this wakeboard is built to last.  Bumps and scrapes as they are learning won’t be a problem here. 

Slingshot Super Grom Wakeboard Price

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  • high performance wakeboard
  • same features as an adult wakeboard
  • extremely durable wakeboard
  • softer flex for younger, lighter riders
  • hybrid board with fins to add for behind the boat
  • cool graphics
  • 3 size options


  • upper price range
  • more for intermediate and advanced riders

Slingshot Super Grom Wakeboard

slinghsot sports super grom wakeboard review

The Verdict

If you have young kids that are wanting to take their wakeboarding to the next level, this is a great board to go with.  It’s super lightweight, durable and strong.  The sidewalls will take the impact of hitting into obstacles as they are learning, without being damaged, and the base is super durable and smooth to give that free-ride sensation.  


An ideal wakeboard for the cable park but also suitable for behind a boat when you attach the fins.  The 3 different sizes means you are sure to find one that is suitable for your child’s height and weight.  The Slingshot Super Grom wakeboard has been designed with the kids in mind and they’ll appreciate the adult-like performance they can achieve with this adventurous wakeboard. 

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