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Hyperlite Divine Jr Wakeboard Review

An ideal, lightweight wakeboard to get your little wakeboarder up on the water and having fun

Hyperlite are well known for producing quality wakeboards to enhance a wakeboarders experience.  The Hyperlite Divine Jr wakeboard certainly has all the features that are the hallmark of quality, Hyperlite wakeboards.  Being a lightweight wakeboard it is easier to control and will provide a great wakeboarding experience for new wakeboarders. 


This wakeboard really is designed for the young beginning rider.  The size, 119cm, is one of the smallest wakeboard sizes available making it ideal for the young rider who is just getting started.  If you are looking to purchase a wakeboard that will be ideal for a young child to start learning on, this wakeboard will be sure to satisfy. 

Specifications and Features

  • Monocoque construction
  • Biolite 3 core
  • Layered glass
  • M6 inserts
  • Molded in fins
  • Molded landing feature
  • Full bevelled edge
hyperlite divine jr wakeboard package

One thing you want in a great entry board is quality at a reasonable price.  You want quality so that the board will last and provide the features needed to make learning easier and you want a reasonable price when you are just getting set up and there is a lot of equipment to purchase all at once.  This board ticks both boxes and with the Hyperlite Divine Jr wakeboard package available as well, it makes it even easier. 

Simple, Classic Design

The Hyperlite Divine Jr wakeboard is a scaled-down version of one of the classic wakeboards, the Divine, that has been a long-standing wakeboard for Hyperlite. The features  of this classic board make it ideal for learning on as there’s nothing too fancy for a beginner to handle.  The simple design allows your daughter to learn the foundations of wakeboarding techniques with a board that will be responsive and easier to ride.  


The board features Satin Flex, which is Hyperlite’s softer layup designed specifically for female riders.  The continuous rocker is ideal for giving that consistent pop off the wake, but it’s not too explosive.  This helps when learning to land and control the wakeboard in the air.  A continuous rocker also allows for a free flowing ride where the wakeboarder can easily reach greater speeds as they progress in their riding. 

Stability and Tracking

The base of the Hyperlite Divine Jr is simple in it’s design.  There’s two moulded-in fins on either end which act a bit like training wheels and provide extra stability on the water.  In addition to this the removable center fins are a bit deeper and all for better tracking when carving or turning the wakeboard.  This helps the wakeboarder maintain control as they progress their riding and start approaching the wake ready to attempt and nail their jumps and landings. 


The final feature of this board is the bevelled edge that goes all the way around the board.  This is ideal for beginner riders as it just provides a more forgiving edge helping the wakeboarder to slide easily over the water and assists with preventing the unwanted faceplant!

Hyperlite Divine Jr Wakeboard Price

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  • Great features for learning on
  • Small size suitable for the youngest rider
  • Consistent and forgiving ride
  • Stable wakeboard
  • Soft landings
  • Lightweight


  • Kids will only grow it

Hyperlite Divine Jr Wakeboard Package

hyperlite divine jr wakeboard package

The Verdict

We think this is a wakeboard that your little girl will be very happy riding.  The features will help her get up out of the water and experience the thrill of wakeboarding in no time.  This lightweight board with moulded-in fins and removable center fins allows for a stable ride where the wakeboarder has great control.


And as your child progresses in their wakeboarding skills, the design features of this classic Hyperlite wakeboard will help take them to the next level.  The Hyperlite Divine Jr wakeboard is an ideal wakeboard for learning the foundational skills of wakeboarding, riding smoothly across the water and having a lot of fun!

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