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Hyperlite Eden 2.0 Wakeboard Review

Ideal beginner to intermediate wakeboard with supple flex in different sizes

Watersports, such as wakeboarding, are popular with both men and women and many companies that design wakeboards are constructing wakeboards that are specific to a female rider’s requirements. 


Hyperlite is one such company with the Hyperlite Eden 2.0 Wakeboard, the female version of the State 2.0 wakeboard.  Their women’s wakeboards are designed with Satin flex which is a softer fiberglass layup that results in a more supple flex.  You can find more reviews for the best wakeboards for women to help you choose the right one for you.


Specifications and Features

  • 125cm, 130cm, 135cm
  • Monocoque construction
  • Biolite 3 core
  • Layered glass
  • Assymetrical design
  • Thinner profile
  • Molded fins, removable center fins
  • Toe-side footbed risers
  • Tip-to-tail channels
  • Satin flex
  • M6 inserts
  • Hybrid rocker
hyperlite eden womens wakeboard review package

The Hyperlite Eden 2.0 Women’s Wakeboard has been designed for those women who are in the beginner stage or who are progressing to the intermediate stage of their wakeboarding.  With 3 different size options (125cm, 130cm and 135cm), there is also a wakeboard suitable for the younger girls who are just getting started and learning the fundamentals of wakeboarding.

Asymmetrical Design

Good design is as essential for a female rider’s wakeboard as it is for a male’s.  In this Eden 2.0 wakeboard, Hyperlite created a shorter but more effective edge on the rider’s toe-side which makes hard to learn wake jumps that much easier.  Combine this with a slightly raised toe-side footbed, which gives a little bit more leverage for riding on the toe-side edge, and greater control overall. This helps new riders have more success and increase their confidence as they develop their skills.


The molded-in tip-to-tail channels and molded fins give that extra control, manouverability and stability as you approach the wake.  

Master the Basics

The Hyperlite Eden 2.0 has been mainly designed to provide the wakeboarder with an amazing experience and help them master the basics of wakeboarding.  The abrupt continuous rocker delivers the speed you want and the slight increase in rocker at the tip and tail gives that extra little pop off the wake.  Great for when you start to learn jumps. 


The layered glass Monocoque construction makes it durable and a long lasting wakeboard.  You will have a great experience with this wakeboard and the design features will make learning easy and fun.

Hyperlite Eden 2.0 Wakeboard Price

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  • Layered glass makes it durable
  • Creates low drag
  • Provides an amazing pop off the wake
  • Better control and stability
  • Makes learning wakeboarding easier


  • Not made for expert riders

Hyperlite Eden 2.0 Wakeboard Package

hyperlite eden womens wakeboard review package

The Verdict

The Eden 2.0, by Hyperlite, is an ideal board for women who are just learning to ride or progressing their skills. With 3 different size options, it’s also a suitable board for younger girls who are just getting started and learning wakeboarding.


The Hyperlite Eden 2.0 Wakeboard has been designed with the best features for the female rider.  We think you’ll love it and it will be great for learning on, with added features that will help you gain confidence on the water. 

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