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Hyperlite Prizm Women's Wakeboard Review

Advanced lightweight, women's wakeboard

Purchasing a new wakeboards can be a pretty complex process, with so many different design features for different boards.  Some wakeboards are designed in such a way that they make it easier and more comfortable for the rider. The Hyperlite Prizm Women’s Wakeboard is one such wakeboard, being the most advanced wakeboard for women that Hyperlite has produced.  It’s loaded with great features.  Let’s look at the components of the Hyperlite Prizm Women’s Wakeboard.


Firstly, the appearance.  It has an attractive leaf print and blue color and is available in two different sizes. Hyperlite has integrated their Biolite 3 core material in the Prizm wakeboard to make it lightweight and 100% wood like. Other features of this wakeboard are outlined below.

Specifications and Features

  • 134cm, 139cm (99 – 175lbs*)
  • Hybrid rocker: Subtle 3-stage
  • Monocoque construction
  • Biolite 3 core
  • Layered glass
  • M6 inserts
  • Satin flex
  • Molded landing feature
  • Sized up philosophy
  • Variable edge design
  • Minimum swing weight profile
  • 4 removable fins
  • Intermediate to advanced riders
hyperlite prizm womens wakeboard package

If you are looking for a women’s wakeboard then we would recommend the Hyperlite Prizm Women’s Wakeboard as a great board, but it does have a higher price tag than some  other wakeboards on the market.  If you are an experienced rider, we don’t think you would regret the investment.

Variable Edge Design

The Hyperlite wakeboards are shaped and designed by experts and professionals. The Prizm wakeboard is designed by Greg Nelson as a female version of the Murray Pro, having a similar shape, but with added Satin flex.  This board is designed to provide an easy ride, with a more supple flex to perform well for the best riders.  


The variable edges on the Hyperlite Prizm Women’s Wakeboard are more rounded between the inserts and sharper towards the tip and tail.  This design ensures a responsive board providing great edge hold when required and still offering forgiveness as needed.  

Biolite 3 Core Material

To make the Prizm Wakeboard lightweight, Hyperlite utilised the Biolite 3 core for this boards construction.   This material was invented by the Hyperlite team to look and feels like wood for a lightweight board with incredible durability.  Many people prefer wakeboards constructed with wood  because it is perfect for generating more speed and offers a great feel on the water.  The Biolite 3 core has a similar feel and performance as wood but is a more durable material. 


The Biolite 3 core combined with the subtle 3-stage rocker, means there is not flat spot in the middle of the board.  The result according to Hyperlite is colossal boost off the wake, perfect for the experienced rider.  It’s also a great in-between board to familiarise yourself with before trying a pure 3-stage rocker. 

Hyperlite Prizm Wakeboard Package Price

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  • Layered glass structure retains the same pop off
  • M6 hardware makes the board lightweight
  • Subtle 3 stage rocker provides extra pop and support
  • Supports heavier individuals
  • Biolite 3 Core material, 100% woody feel
  • Monocoque construction makes the board long lasting
  • Variable edge design


  • Upper price range for wakeboards
  • Not designed for beginners

Hyperlite Prizm Women’s Wakeboard Package

hyperlite prizm womens wakeboard package

The Verdict

If you are an experienced wakeboarder, looking for a women’s wakeboard to advance to the next level with, then we would recommend the Hyperlite Prizm Women’s Wakeboard.  The newest Prizm is Hyperlite’s most advanced wakeboard for women and has all the necessary features to make it the perfect wakeboard for female riders. It is lightweight, durable and strong with a layered glass and monocoque construction.


These features help to retain the original pop off the wake even after years of use. Hyperlite boards do not disappoint customers, and we think this wakeboard will become a favourite.

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* The weight range given is a recommendation only.