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Liquid Force Angel Women's Wakeboard Review

A women's wakeboard for intermediate and advanced riders, predictable pop and smooth landings

Liquid Force is one brand which is known for its high-quality wakeboards. It designs wakeboards for everyone be it men, women, or kids. For this reason, Liquid Force has a good brand image in front of the consumer market. Liquid Force has women’s wakeboards designed for beginner and more advanced riders.


These wakeboards present some unique, cool features which are not necessarily found in other wakeboards. Liquid Force Angel Women’s Wakeboard is designed for women who are on the intermediate or advanced level of riding. Let’s see what features are offered in Liquid Force Angel Women’s Wakeboard.

Specifications and Features

  • 130cm, 135cm sizes
  • Intermediate wakeboarder
  • Variable Edge Rail
  • Molded-in Warped Long Based Side Fins
  • Aggressive Continuous Rocker
  • Three position M6 inserts
  • Precision PU Core
  • D-I-S-C Hull w/ Edge Channels
Liquid Force Angel Womens Wakeboard Review

The Liquid Force Angel Women’s Wakeboard is designed for those women who are more into the intermediate level of riding and have a good sense of riding a wakeboard. It is a nice choice because it gives predictable pop and smooth landings at the same time.  The variable edge design is helpful and forgiving when learning new tricks, and removing the center fins allows for more advanced riding.

Ultra-Fluid for Easy pop

A nice pop off the wake is extremely necessary for every wakeboard. If the pop isn’t great, the wakeboarder has to work extra hard to achieve the required heights.  The Angel is a highly responsive wakeboard. It has an aggressive continuous rocker which is super smooth and ultra fluid.


Ultimately, this results in an easy and boosted pop. On the other hand, there are flawless landings and smooth rides as well which makes this wakeboard a better choice for women.

Easier edge-to-edge transitions

One great feature is the fact that Liquid Force Angel Women’s Wakeboard has a modern, fuller bat tail. This helps in creating more lift off the tail of the board and helps in better edge to edge transitions.


Furthermore, molded-in warped long-based wide fins are also given in this wakeboard to make riding easier for women. Liquid Force Angel Women’s Wakeboard is truly going to be an angel for your girl.

Liquid Force Angel Women's Wakeboard Price

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  • Removable center fin
  • Smooth and predictable
  • Ultra-fluid pop
  • Smooth and soft landings
  • Modern Bat Tail
  • Perform well on bigger wakes
  • D-I-S-C hull through the center
  • Long, molded-in fins for smooth transitioning when center fin removed


  • Better suited to intermediate riders more than beginners

Liquid Force Angel Women’s Wakeboard

Liquid Force Angel Womens Wakeboard Review

The Verdict

It is quite amazing that a wakeboard has some seriously cool features that assist in providing a smooth and predictable ride with less effort.  The different sizes available cater for different riders – the 130cm board is designed for riders weighing 60 – 120lbs, whilst the 135cm board is better for riders in the 88 – 149lb range.  Also make sure to match the wakeboard size to the riders weight to ensure better balance and stability on the board.


Not only are the features good, but the price is as well on this Liquid Force Angel Women’s wakeboard.  It will be a great board to add to you collection to cater for the women and will help make transitioning to removing the center fin easier as the wakeboarder’s confidence and technique grows.

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