Liquid Force Angel Women’s Wakeboard













  • Comes with a center fin
  • Smooth and predictable
  • Ultra fluid pop
  • Smooth and soft landings
  • Modern Bat Tail


  • Not an easy board for beginners
  • Bit heavy

Liquid Force is one brand which is known for its high-quality wakeboards. It designs wakeboards for everyone be it men, women, or kids. For this reason, Liquid Force has a good brand image in front of the consumer market. Liquid Force has women’s wakeboards designed in such a way like no one else.

Its wakeboards present some cool features which are barely found in any other wakeboard. Liquid Force Angel Women’s Wakeboard is another one in the row. It is designed for women who are on the intermediate or advanced level of riding. Let’s see what features are offered in Liquid Force Angel Women’s Wakeboard.



The Liquid Force Angel Women’s Wakeboard is designed for those women who are more into the intermediate level of riding and have a good sense of riding a wakeboard. It is a nice choice because it gives great pop and smooth landings at the same time.

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Ultra-Fluid for Easy pop

A nice pop off the wake is extremely necessary for every wakeboard. If this isn’t proper, the wakeboard would not pick up heights and there might not be smooth rides. The Angel is a highly responsive wakeboard. It has a continuous 3-stage rocker which is super smooth and ultra fluid.

Ultimately, this results in an easy and boosted pop. On the other hand, there are flawless landings as well which makes this wakeboard a better choice for women.

Easier edge-to-edge transitions

Quite amazing is the fact that Liquid Force Angel Women’s Wakeboard has a modern Bat Tail Fuller. This helps in creating more lift off the tail of the board. Also, this helps in better edge to edge transitions.

Furthermore, molded-in Warped Long-based Side fins are also given in this wakeboard to make riding easier for women. Liquid Force Angel Women’s Wakeboard is truly going to be an angel for your girl.

Liquid Force Angel Women’s Wakeboard Price

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Specs and Features

  • Size: 138cm
  • Shipment Weight: 55 pounds
  • Skill Level Required: Intermediate
  • Color: White
  • Style Type: Boat style
  • Rail Type: Variable Edge Rail
  • Fin configuration: Molded-in Warped Long Based Side Fins
  • Rocker Type: Continuous 3-stage rocker


  • Comes with a center fin
  • Smooth and predictable
  • Ultra-fluid pop
  • Smooth and soft landings
  • Modern Bat Tail
  • Cheap
  • DISC Hull through the Center (Double Inside Single Concave)
  • Better transitions

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  • Only for heavyweight people i.e. weighing more than 160 pounds.
  • Experts only- Not for beginners


It is quite amazing that a wakeboard has some seriously cool features which no other wakeboard has. The tech-bot is an amazing one and many players would love the great speeds of this sander. Lightweight and being strong at the same time is not something easily possible. Byerly has made it possible with the Blunt Wakeboard.

We recommend our users that use this wakeboard provides an amazing wakeboarding experience. Make sure that only experts use it and not beginners

Liquid Force Angel Women’s Wakeboard Image

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