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Liquid Force Peak Wakeboard Review

It's been around for more than 12 years and is still one of the most popular boards for the intermediate to advanced cable park wakeboarder

Known as both a competitive sport and a recreational activity, wakeboarding has been increasingly popular over the past few years.  And cable parks make wakeboarding easily accessible whether you own a boat or not.  Some wakeboards are designed for use behind a boat, others specifically for cable parks and others may be used for either situations. The Liquid Force Peak wakeboard is one of the most popular choices designed specifically for use in cable parks. 


When it comes to manufacturing high-quality boards, Liquid Force has an outstanding reputation.  They are constantly developing new technology in manufacturing their boards, but also in the sustainability of their company with a focus on reducing environmental impacts during the production process.  Since 2020, all Liquid Force wakeboards have been built on 100% solar energy.


The Liquid Force Peak wakeboard has been designed and constructed to be durable and to provide an extreme wakeboarding experience and comfortable ride.  It’s a superb board for the wake park and provides excellent edge control and pop off kickers, and great stability on rails.  

Specifications and Features

  • Paulownia Wood CNC’d Core
  • Triax Glass Layup
  • LF Exclusive Flextrack, Liquid Rails and Sintered Grind Base
  • Optimized for LF 4D bindings, compatible with all bindings
  • Diamond Squaretail with Inverted Sidecut Ends
  • Aggressive 3-Stage Rocker
  • Center Concave Finless Hull with Edge and Tail Channels
  • Concave Bevelled Rail
  • Flex rating of 6
liquid force peak wakeboard review

The Peak wakeboard comes equipped with a bunch of remarkable features to make your ride smooth and enjoyable.   This Liquid Force wakeboard is designed for those advanced wakeboarders who are looking for a board which can be used regularly and ridden hard to perform amazing tricks.  Peak by Liquid Force is available in a range of sizes, catering for riders weighing from 90lb to 230+lbs (40kg – 105+kg). It has an excellent weight-bearing capacity that varies with different sizes.


Durable, Aggressive 3-Stage Rocker

This wakeboard is designed with an aggressive 3-stage rocker and a single concave base.   The result is less drag over the water,  softer landings, and a more comfortable ride.  This profile of the Liquid Force Peak wakeboard makes it one of the most explosive park wakeboards around, allowing for great responsiveness between the rider and the board. 


The paulownia wood CNC’d core means the base is thinner than those of other wakeboards and has a much better flex with rebound as well, but it still maintains its stability, strength and resilience.  This is largely due to the unique Liquid Force sintered grind base which is known as the strongest base ever made.  Ultimately, this results in more sustainable wakeboards resistant to damages and designed to be long-lasting.  

Ultimate Control for the Rider

The Liquid Force Peak wakeboard has plenty of features that give the rider precise control and great response from the board.  The concaved beveled rails are slightly exaggerated in the center of the board which provides a forgiving ride when riding the flats and also ensures that transitions are smooth and easy.  When extra edge control is needed, the sharper rail at the tip and tail provide the grip needed. 


The edge channels and tip channels give extra hold and control for both carving and as you approach kickers, corners and rails.   This is great for those who are progressing in their riding as the board has an amazing feel on the water and allows the rider to have excellent control. 

Liquid Force Peak Wakeboard Price

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  • Durable, ‘bulletproof’
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth ride
  • Explosive pop
  • Great responsiveness for park experience
  • maximum flex whilst maintains stability


  • A bit costly
  • Visuals may not suit everyone
  • Not designed for beginners

Liquid Force Peak Wakeboard

liquid force peak wakeboard review

The Verdict

This is an attractive park board by Liquid Force and comes with a variety of features that make it a board seriously worth considering if you are an experienced rider.  It has been constructed with the paulownia wood CNC’d core, which offers an additional spring-loaded flex and when this is combined with the LF exclusive FlexTrack system it ultimately ensures great directional control and more speed.


The range of sizes available for the Liquid Force Peak wakeboard provide plenty of options for young riders to those needing a bigger guy’s wakeboard. Although, some users may find it a bit expensive, it is a great buy for those who can afford to make the investment.  And the durability of this board will have you out on the water again and again, enjoying the thrill of wakeboarding.

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