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What's the Best Wakeboard For Big Guys?

Find the best size and design features of wakeboards for bigger guys

Being a big guy has a lot of advantages. When you’re over six feet you can reach the top shelf, see above the crowd and perhaps make the basketball team. But when you’re a big guy there can be some challenges as well. It’s harder to find clothing and shoes that fit, and most important of all, you may be unsure if you will be able to get out on a wakeboard, and you may be wondering what the best wakeboard for big guys is, if there is even such a thing out there.


Don’t worry! Wakeboarding isn’t only available to slim and athletic people. It’s open to people of all shapes and sizes, whether they’re small and skinny or tall and heavy. If you’re one of those tall and heavy guys and you’ve been itching to get out on a wakeboard, don’t give up! This is the article for you. We’ll help you figure out which is the best wakeboard for big guys and what to look for when you’re purchasing a wakeboard.

Features of wakeboards for bigger guys

There are two key features that bigger guys should look for in a wakeboard. They are board length and/or surface area. The best wakeboard for big guys will have adequate length and width to support taller and heavier people without being too heavy. Whenever you’re looking to buy a wakeboard make sure you check the make and model’s size chart to ensure that it’s the accurate size for your weight, as different companies’ specifications can vary.


While different manufacturer’s specifications can vary, you can find a general wakeboard size chart here.

best wakeboard for big guys

Board length

Length is probably the biggest feature (no pun intended) that bigger guys should look for in a wakeboard. The longer the wakeboard is, the more weight it’s going to support. Most people are comfortable with a 140 centimeter board, but size up if you’re bigger. A good size in wakeboards for big guys is anything that is over 144 cm. A board that is 144 cm in length can support weights in the mid to upper 200lbs.

Board width/surface area

The width of a wakeboard isn’t necessarily as important as its length, but it’s a good idea to consider how much surface area it has if you’re a bigger guy. Having a wider board may be the best wakeboard for bigger guys as the extra width can make it easier for you to ride and makes things more comfortable.

Other considerations when looking for the best wakeboard for big guys


A key component in wakeboards for bigger guys is the material that the board is made out of. High-quality materials give your board durability as well as a higher performance level, which are key not only for wakeboarding in general, but for guys who will need that extra level of durability.


The best wakeboards have a solid core with layers of fiberglass around it. Fiberglass is lightweight but still very durable, and will make your board sturdy and long-lasting. An extra bonus is an EVA pad that will make your feet more comfortable and provide traction, which is essential for keeping your balance.


Look out for the weight of the wakeboard as well. If your board is too heavy you may have trouble staying afloat. A good wakeboard for big guys doesn’t add too much extra weight.

Intermediate and Advanced Riders

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There are not a lot of boards that are designed specifically for bigger guys. Look for a board that is longer in length. Longer boards provide more control, and they also shorten the learning curve. They allow for more speed as well, and a bigger guy can use this speed for extra pop on the wakes. Longer boards provide softer landings, so they are easier on the knees and joints, which can be an important consideration when choosing a wakeboard for a bigger guy.


Also pay attention to the number of fins on the wakeboard. The more fins there are, the easier it will be for beginners to stay afloat. Removable fins let you remove them as you progress. Experiment with different fins to figure out which size is best for you.


Another crucial part of supporting a larger frame is the bindings, which are the wakeboard boots that attach your feet to the board. The bindings help you to control your board. If you’re a bigger guy you most likely have bigger feet, and just as it can be hard to find shoes that fit your feet, it can be hard to find bindings that fit and that are comfortable.


Open-toe bindings can be a good option for bigger feet as there’s no toe box to constrict your feet and they can be used for a wide range of shoe sizes. Beginner bindings are also a good option, as they are softer and have more flex than bindings for more advanced riders.

Tips for selecting the best wakeboard for big guys

  • The best speed for the boat is around 10 mph.
  • Bigger guys don’t need more speed!
  • If you’re having trouble getting up on the board, let the rope do most of the work and pull you up.
  • Let the boat build up some speed before you stand.
  • Don’t rely on your muscles. Let the boat and the water help you along.
  • Use a longer board and save the shorter boards for when you have more experience with wakeboarding.
wakeboards for big guys

If you feel the water calling to you, don’t let your size and weight hold you back. If you’re ready to hit the wakes, pick out a board that is longer and make sure it’s a good fit for you. With the best wakeboard for big guys and some practice you’ll be performing tricks in no time.