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Ronix Rise Air Wakeboard Review

A women's wakeboard that will maximize your performance and elevate women around the globe.

Ronix lives up to the occasion in meeting the demands of its riders, and now a board caters to elevating wakeboarding for women around the globe — finally a women driven board that’ll maximize your performance. The board is heavily influenced and inspired by Ronix’s up and coming athlete, Mary Morgan, as she shared her insights and contributed to the creation of the Ronix Rise Air Wakeboard! It’s a compilation of anything that has to do with their wakeboard and ride, based on surveying hundreds of people. Starting with how fast do you ride, what rope length, what rockerline, and what’s lacking in a women’s board? The results were amazing – they developed the lightest board possible. Resulting in a board that is fast, lean and mean on the wake, all without risking the rider from loading too much on the line


Rise Air Women’s Wakeboard is its name and being the lightest wakeboard is its game! If you happen to come across this board in person, you’ll surely recognize how intricately constructed the board is for flight. Ronix introduces us to a new shape approached to bne the lightest board in the market today as it aims to be fast and responsive. You’ll surely notice that your ride remains stable on edge without compromising too much load that might topple the board or you.

Specifications and Features

  • Boat Specific Design
  • Riding Style – Advanced
  • Hybrid Continuous / 3 Stage Rocker
  • TPU Graphic Top Sheet
  • Speedwalls
  • Mococoque Construction
  • Women’s Designed Top Glass
  • Magic Carpet Base Glass
  • Air Core 3 Foam
  • Mod Pour Foam
  • Low Friction Base Sheet
  • M6 Inserts
  • Energy – Instant 8
  • Fins – 1 set 1.0″ Ramp
  • Fins – 1 set .8″ Asym
ronix rise air womens wakeboard review
The Ronix Rise Air Wakeboard offers a combination of two of the most prominent and in demand rockliners, merging the speed of the RXT and the kick of the One. Additionally, the wakeboard offers Air Core to lessen the amount of swing weight.

Low Friction Base

Every ride remains responsive, as the wakeboard is developed to have the most rider-friendly experience. Ultimately helping you get up on the wake faster with confidence.

Monocoque Construction

Ronix made sure that the board remains a wrapped glass from bottom to top, so the flash line isn’t the weak point anymore, but rather the strong one. Providing a stronger, torsionally stiff ride.


  • Lightest wakeboard in the market
  • Combination RXT speed and kick of the One


  • Niched and designed for women not ideal for men
  • Higher end of the spectrum in terms of budget

Ronix Rise Air Wakeboard

ronix rise air womens wakeboard review

The Verdict

An ideal board specifically designed and engineered for women to enjoy the thrill of wakeboarding. In a nutshell, the Rise Air Women’s Wakeboard wakeboard is the lightest, most stable, and quickest board on the market, all without compromising stability and swing. You definitely get the latest technology and features this wakeboard has to offer, in terms of value, you get more than what you pay. The added touch of Air Core gives you a more responsive feel helping you adjust your turns and load every ride. Additionally, the bottom shape works well as it is designed to run flat with bottom channels, providing that added confidence for the rider.

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