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Hyperlite Cadence Wakeboard Review

Fast wakeboard for women, effortless carving and maximum control

The Hyperlite Cadence wakeboard is a fast, aggressive wakeboard for women who like to carve it up.  Designed by Bec Gange and Greg Nelson, it has a feel on the water like cutting through butter and is ideal for those beautiful summer days when the water is like glass.  If you just can’t wait to get out and feel the thrill of a fast wakeboarding set, this may be an ideal wakeboard for you.


We love the aesthetic features of this board; the simple colors themselves give the feeling of free-flowing water.  The board’s shape and design are quite simple too, giving the wakeboarder the opportunity for maximum control and effortless carving.  With Hyperlite’s unique Satin flex, this board has a softer glass layup that is tailored specifically to female riders and creates a more supple flex for the wakeboarder. 

Specifications and Features

  • 134cm, 138cm
  • Continuous rocker
  • Satin flex
  • Variable edge design
  • Dual concave tunnesl
  • Subtle molded landing feature
  • 4 x 0.8″ Poly A-wing fins
  • Monocoque construction
  • Biolite 3 core
  • Layered glass
  • M6 inserts
hyperlite cadence wakeboard review

With two adult sizes available, the Hyperlite Cadence caters for women in the 120-160lbs (54-72kg) and 140-185lbs (63-84kg) weight ranges. Having a slightly wider profile to the wakeboard increases the surface area and helps with stability but also provides great lift and pop off the wake. 

Fast and Aggressive Wakeboarding

With a fully continuous rocker, the women’s Hyperlite Cadence wakeboard is designed for maximum speed.  Continuous rocker lines are ideal for those who like a bit of speed on the water and a pop off the wake that sends them out into the flats rather than giving vertical height.  This board provides a smoother and more consistent pop off the wake, aided by the slightly wider profile. 


The four 0.8″ fins help provide some stability, resulting in a wakeboard that isn’t too loose, or too locked in.   The base of the board has been shaped with dual concave tunnels that help the water flow past the fins and ensure a more aggressive edge hold as you approach the wake.

Smooth landings and tricks

If you love surface tricks out on the flats, you’ll love the feel of the Hyperlite Cadence wakeboard.  With a variable edge design the edge is slightly more beveled between the bindings, therefore more forgiving when landing a jump and performing surface tricks.  However, towards the tip and tail the sharper edge provides a more responsive edge hold.


To help nail those smooth landings the base has a subtle molded landing feature that helps to break up the water and make landings softer.  The slightly wider profile also helps with stability.  And because of the construction of this wakeboard, the super lightweight design, and variable thickness means the wakeboard has a minimum swing weight profile which helps when learning and progressing with beginner wakeboarding tricks such as crossing the wake, jumping the wake and surface 180’s. 

Hyperlite Cadence Wakeboard Price

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  • Fast speeds and effortless carving
  • Lightweight design 
  • Consistent pop off the wake
  • Responsive edge hold
  • Wider profiles


  • More skill need to get vertical height off the wake

Hyperlite Cadence Wakeboard Package

hyperlite cadence wakeboard review

The Verdict

Hyperlite is known for their quality construction and unique design features and this board lives up to that reputation.  Uniquely designed for female athletes, with Hyperlites Satin flex glass layup, the more supple flex makes riding this board a delight.  If you’re looking for a board that you don’t have to work too hard on to maintain speed, the continuous rocker line is ideal.  


Beginners can start out on this board and as they progress to more intermediate skill level they’ll find the aggressive and responsive ride of this board won’t let them down.  When the water’s like glass and you’re keen for a fast wakeboarding set, this is the board you’ll want to have on board the boat.  

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