ImageNameSkill LevelPriceRatingBuy From Amazon
Ronix 2017 One I-Beam Timebomb Core Wakeboard ReviewRONIX ONE I-BEAM TIMEBOMB CORE WAKEBOARDBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced$$$10.0 buy_now
CWB Factory Blemish Reverb Wakeboard ReviewCWB FACTORY BLEMISH REVERB WAKEBOARD Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced$$$9.9 buy_now
Liquid Force 2017 Arris Women’s Wakeboard ReviewLIQUID FORCE ARRIS WOMEN’S WAKEBOARDBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced$$$9.8 buy_now
Liquid Force 2017 Dream Kid's Wakeboard ReviewLIQUID FORCE DREAM KID’S WAKEBOARDBeginner, Intermediate$$$9.7 buy_now
Hyperlite 2017 Divine Jr. Kid’s Wakeboard ReviewHYPERLITE DIVINE JR. KID’S WAKEBOARDBeginner, Intermediate$$$9.7 buy_now
O’Brien Baker Blem 136cm Men’s Wakeboard ReviewO’BRIEN BAKER BLEM MEN’S WAKEBOARDBeginner, Intermediate$$$9.6 buy_now
Ronix 2017 August 120 Wakeboard with Boots ReviewRONIX AUGUST WAKEBOARD WITH BOOTSBeginner, Intermediate$$$9.5 buy_now
O'Brien Natural Blem 139cm Men’s Wakeboard ReviewO’BRIEN NATURAL BLEM MEN’S WAKEBOARDBeginner, Intermediate$$$9.3 buy_now
Hydroslide Junior Edge 48 Inch Wakeboard ReviewHYDROSLIDE JUNIOR EDGE WAKEBOARDBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced$$$9.1 buy_now
Hyperlite 2017 Mystique Women's WakeboardHYPERLITE MYSTIQUE WOMEN’S WAKEBOARDBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced$$$9.0 buy_now

When you want to start learning wakeboarding, the first priority should be to get the right type of beginner’s wakeboard. This is very important because if you don’t get the right wakeboard at first, you will feel quite demotivated and you might stop learning or quit wakeboarding.

To avoid the loss of morale as well as money, we recommend beginners to learn about wakeboarding first and read some reviews as well in order to make the right purchase. Below is a review on the Top 10 Wakeboards for Beginners in 2020.

Ronix 2017 One I-Beam Timebomb Core Wakeboard Review



  • I-BEAM makes it extra durable
  • Long lasting
  • Less strain on body
  • Smooth landings
  • Easy to control and lightweight


  • Expensive
  • Few left in stock only

This wakeboard has been mentioned in many of our reviews and it has received the perfect rating of 10 by 10 because it is considered as one of the best wakeboards for beginners. Coming with the I-Beam Construction, the wakeboard becomes stronger than regular wakeboards.

In addition, there are speed walls which not only allow better flow of water for better speed, but they also act as a durable bumper for the wakeboard. In the amazing Anodized Midnight color, the Ronix One I-Beam Timebomb Core wakeboard becomes one of the most eye-catching things.

CWB Factory Blemish Reverb Wakeboard Review



  • 180's to spins and flips
  • Full-length center spine for soft landings
  • Deep channel for rider control
  • 4X4 molded fin package with removable 1 in. plastic center fin for stability and traction
  • Designed for Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced


  • Not for riders who are EXTREMELY Professional

The CWB Factory Blemish Reverb wakeboard is made for those people who are ambitious when it comes to wakeboarding and want to polish their skills. Learning and advancing with this wakeboard is one hell of a fun because there are deep center channels which set the board low in the water.

The V-tech in tip and tail assist in smoother movements between one edge and the other. It weighs as low as 7 pounds and the length is 131cm which is fine for adult beginners. With a 3-stage rocker, the pop is unexpectedly high.

Liquid Force 2017 Arris Women’s Wakeboard Review



  • Lightweight
  • Strong and durable
  • Flex technology provides softer landings
  • 3-staged rocker gives pop off the wake
  • Fast


  • Overpriced

Another Liquid Force wakeboard in our list is this one which has been specially designed to suit the requirements of women. With the PU Wooden core, you can expect the board to be strong and resist damages from rust or accidental crashes as well.

Though the PU wood makes it stiff, but it still has the appropriate amount of flex which is necessary for a beginner. The Liquid Force Arris Wakeboard comes with the exclusive Grind base which can easily withstand high weights up to 160 pounds.

Liquid Force 2017 Dream Kid's Wakeboard Review



  • Smooth yet controlled ride
  • Suitable for newbies and youngsters
  • Durable and resilient material
  • Interactive design
  • Concave, beveled shape


  • Only for beginners, not suitable for professional riders
  • May be expensive when comes with accessories

The best age to learn wakeboarding is when you are a kid. This is one reason why Liquid Force has designed the Dream Kid’s wakeboard which comes in multiple sizes. There are three different sizes of 115cm, 120cm, and 125cm as well.

An aggressive rocker is present which gives out the maximum pop. Also, this wakeboard is known for providing the riders with the best grip as well. You can easily balance out your weight even in tough waves. This is one reason why it is one of the best wakeboards for beginners in 2018.

Hyperlite 2017 Divine Jr. Kid’s Wakeboard Review



  • Nice pop
  • Soft landings
  • Easy to learn
  • Made for beginners
  • Durable and long lasting


  • Only fitting for beginners

Another kid’s wakeboard in our list is by the famous company Hyperlite. One can expect this wakeboard to be very light in weight due to the layered glass construction. In addition, kids can customize their rides with their learning progress with the 4 molded-in fins that are removable.

Landings are soft and easy due to V-tech in tip and tail. Also, this allows for smoother maneuvering and better control from edge to edge. The M6 inserts have been used in this wakeboard which guarantee its outstanding quality as well.

O’Brien Baker Blem 136cm Men’s Wakeboard Review



  • Lightweight but strong
  • Durable
  • Highly Durable Abs Impact Base For Cable Parks.
  • Ultra-Lightweight Foam And Hardwood Create a Strong, Snappy Deck
  • Sandwich Construction Core Provides Flex For A Unique Ride.


  • not suitable for people over 130 pounds

O’Brien is yet another famous company when it comes to wakeboards and the Baker Blem Wakeboard is one of the best ones designed by the company. This wakeboard weighs as low as 15 pounds due to the fusion core.

Many people might think that a compromise is being made on the quality but no need to worry because hardwood is used to make this wakeboard a strong one.  Removable fins provide the maximum control and ultimate speed to the new beginners as well.

Ronix 2017 August 120 Wakeboard with Boots Review



  • Built in J-Bars keep your heels secure
  • Stitched reinforcing in the heel area eliminates delamination
  • The boot flexes with the rider without boot distortion
  • Comes with August 120 boots
  • Sets a predictable smooth transitioned edge with little effort


  • Not recommended for intermediates and advanced riders
  • Design attractive only for girls

The Ronix August Wakeboard is a great one because it comes with a fine pair of boots as well. These boots are most likely in fitting. This complete package becomes right for beginners in both terms, price and quality.

It has a sharp top and inner fin shape which provides additional grip to the users. There are extra-long fins which allow the new beginner to ride in a position which makes him/her most comfortable. The weight capacity of this wakeboard is up to 120 pounds.

O'Brien Natural Blem 139cm Men’s Wakeboard Review



  • First ever board to have delta base technology
  • Soft landings due to ideal fin setup
  • Easy to learn
  • Cheaper than base model
  • Can provide the rider with a good grip


  • Recommended only for those who prefer a slightly tail-heavy approach to the wake
  • Has some minor cosmetic defects as well

One of the first few wakeboards featuring a Delta base is this wakeboard. The Delta base is a base which helps the users in having a faster and much better ride due to the smoothness and low drag feature in it. Controlling the wakeboard with a Delta base is much stronger than a regular board.

Made for men on the beginning stage, this wakeboard is 139cm in length. If you are learning with this wakeboard, you need to keep one thing in mind that you must learn with a tail-heavy approach otherwise this wakeboard is not going to be as much useful.

Hydroslide Junior Edge 48 Inch Wakeboard Review



  • Great learning wakeboard
  • Secure and stable bindings provide a great deal of ankle support
  • Great for tricks and jumps
  • Fits most children shoe sizes
  • Cool design and color pattern


  • Currently out of stock on Amazon
  • Not recommended for aggressive riding
  • Not suitable for adult riders

Hydroslide is also one of the young yet good companies known for wakeboards. The Junior Edge Wakeboard is made for the young kids out there. Its length is only 48 inches which is fine for the young ones. It has a unique round nose design which helps in cutting through the water easily.

In addition, the wakeboard comes with a pair of Chase Bindings as well. These bindings fit perfectly and made specially to give out the maximum control to the user. The Junior Edge is one of the best wakeboards for beginners.

Hyperlite 2017 Mystique Women's Wakeboard



  • Lightweight and smoother ride
  • Reduces abrasions on the legs
  • Simple assembly
  • Molded EVS for cushioning on heel and toes
  • M6 hardware makes the board more durable


  • Expensive

Last but one of the best, we have the Mystique Women’s Wakeboard by Hyperlite. This wakeboard is known for its shiny black and pink color combination which makes it the right choice for beginner women as well.

With a low pro plate system, the base plat becomes durable and usable for a long period of time. The size of this wakeboard is 135cm which is fine. Keep the weight limit in mind when purchasing this wakeboard which is 160 pounds.


Beginners must read reviews before buying a specific wakeboard. Make sure you get a wakeboard which is strong and durable since that wakeboard would enable you to resist any potential damages. In our list of top 10 Wakeboards for Beginners in 2020, we have mentioned some of the best wakeboards which will suit the budget of most people as well. Have your beginner wakeboard purchased right away and enjoy!