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Hyperlite Motive Wakeboard Review

Great all-round wakeboard for beginners and intermediate wakeboarders

The Hyperlite Motive Wakeboard is a great all-round board, ideal to have on board when the family are learning and when friends join you for a day of water sports.  It’s a board that makes learning the fundamentals of wakeboarding easy but also has the features to allow you to progress and become confident with simple tricks.


The features of this board ensure a predictable and stable ride, with a smooth lift off the wake. Where this wakeboard stands out from the rest is the ability to give beginners the confidence to be able to ride and to keep getting back up as they start to progress in their wakeboarding.  Hyperlite also manufactur this wakeboard in a kids size, the Hyperlite Motive Jr Wakeboard

Specifications and Features

  • 134cm, 140cm
  • Monocoque construction
  • Biolite 3 Core
  • Layered glass
  • Molded in fins
  • Removable center fins
  • Forgiving 6 degree edge bevel
  • V bottom tunnel
  • Mid Flex
  • Continuous Rocker
  • Progression friendly features
  • M6 inserts
hyperlite motive wakeboard review

The Hyperlite Motive wakeboard has become very popular with beginner and intermediate riders.  Not only is it a high-quality, durable wakeboard but it has a list of features that provide the speed and performance you’re looking for, without costing a fortune.

Performance and Stability

The Hyperlite Motive wakeboard is well known as a board that provides a stable and predictable ride.  The continuous rocker ensures you can get lots of speed as it cuts through the water and that speed can be maintained as you approach the wake.  The V bottom tunnel will channel water efficiently through the base of the Motive to help keep the rider comfortable at speed.  It also gives you a more consistent and smooth pop off the wake.


The molded in fins and removable center fins provide for great tracking and carving which is ideal for beginners and help with manoeuvrability,  making it easier to turn.   The center fins can then be removed resulting in a more free-flowing feel for the rider, which is what is mostly desired by the professionals.  A forgiving 6 degree edge bevel allows the rider an easy carve to help you find the desired edges inside or outside of the wake.

Durable Construction

The Hyperlite brand is synonymous with quality and innovation and the Motive wakeboard is characterised by both.  The monocoque construction means that the top glass and bottom glass have been integrated as one component. This imparts additional durability to the wakeboard sides. Hence, they can bear the impacts of sharp turns and wave crashes with added resistance, preventing delamination, scratches and deformation of the board.  Combine this with the layered glass and you have a wakeboard that will have the same pop off the wake, season after season, year after year. 


When you’re learning to wakeboard, it helps to have a board that easily pops up out of the water.   Hyperlite have perfected the Biolite 3 Core material to ensure the wakeboard is lightweight, which also makes spins and inverts easier, and yet is significantly durable in its construction.

Hyperlite Motive Wakeboard Package

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  • Great for beginners and intermediate riders
  • Reasonably priced
  • Durable
  • Smooth, stable ride
  • Removable fins
  • Jr wakeboard also available


  • only 2 adult sizes available

Hyperlite Motive Wakeboard Package 

hyperlite motive wakeboard review

The Verdict

Many wakeboarders have fond memories of their first experiences wakeboarding, and for quite a few wakeboarders, it was the Hyperlite Motive wakeboard that got them started and helped them to gain the confidence to get out on the water and develop their wakeboarding skills. The features of this wakeboard not only make it ideal for beginners but also provide the opportunities for more intermediate riders to test out their skill as they learn new tricks.  This will be a board you want to stick with for some time. 


This wakeboard may only come in 2 adult sizes and one Jr size, but we think that’s enough because those three boards cater for people between about 50-200lbs (22-90kg).  This is an ideal board to have on the boat, or jet ski for a weekend of water sports fun. 

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