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Hyperlite Motive Jr Wakeboard Review

Learning to wakeboard is made easy with the junior sized Motive

The Hyperlite Motive Jr Wakeboard is designed specifically to introduce young riders to the sport of wakeboarding.  At 119cm, it’s one of the smallest wakeboards available, suited to those younger kids who just can’t wait to get out on the water, and behind the boat. Teaching kids to wakeboard is easier when you have the right child-friendly gear, and we think this wakeboard is a great place to start.


The features of this board make learning easy and allow for a free flowing ride with a smooth lift off the wake. Not only will this wake board be ideal to get the kids started on, but it will allow them to progress and become confident with simple tricks.  Hyperlite also manufacture this wakeboard in adult sizes, the Hyperlite Motive Wakeboard.  

Specifications and Features

  • 119cm
  • Monocoque construction
  • Biolite 3 Core
  • Layered glass
  • Molded in fins
  • Removable center fins
  • Full bevelled edge
  • Molded landing feature
  • Continuous Rocker
  • Progression friendly features
  • M6 inserts
hyperlite motive jr wakeboard package review

The Hyperlite Motive wakeboard range is a popular wakeboard choice for the whole family because of its very user friendly design.   The design is simple and suitable for both boys and girls and will support riders up to 95lbs (43kg).  The durable wakeboard construction that Hyperlite are known for will ensure you’ll get a lot of use of out this board and it’s great to have on hand when friends join you for the day.  The other thing we like about it is the affordable price tag, especially when you consider the package price. 

Performance and Stability For Beginners

The Hyperlite Motive Jr wakeboard is well known as an ideal board for beginners.  The continuous rocker ensures you get a smooth, predictable pop off the wake every time and takes you across, further out into the flats, rather than giving you more height.  It’s ideal for those who want to ride with lots of speed and it cuts through the water smoothly, great fun for carving.


The molded in fins provide added stability and the center fins provide for great tracking and easier turning which is ideal for beginners.  And when your enthusiastic beginner wants to start attempting jumps, the molded landing feature helps to disperse the water giving them a smoother landing.  

Durable Construction

The Hyperlite brand is known for its quality and innovative technology, and the Motive wakeboard is characterized by both.  The monocoque construction integrates the top glass and bottom glass as one component. This increases the durability of the wakeboard sides, preventing damage from impact.  Combine this with the layered glass and you have a wakeboard that will have the same pop, season after season, year after year. 


When you’re learning to wakeboard, it helps to have a board that easily pops up out of the water.   Hyperlite has perfected the Biolite 3 Core material to ensure the wakeboard is lightweight, and yet is significantly durable in its construction.

Hyperlite Motive Jr Wakeboard Package

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  • One of the smallest wakeboards available
  • Specific features make learning easier
  • Unisex design for all the family
  • Great value wakeboard package
  • Continuous rocker great for carving
  • Molded in fins and center fins great for stability and tracking


  • only 1 child size available

Hyperlite Motive Wakeboard Package 

hyperlite motive jr wakeboard package review

The Verdict

The shape of the Hyperlite Motive Jr wakeboard has been around for a long time because it is such a user-friendly design.  The classic features will help your kids to gain the confidence to develop their wakeboarding skills.  With the continuous rocker line, molded landing features, molded-in fins and fully bevelled edge it’s a wakeboard that provides a very fun, stable and predictable ride. 


And when you’re kids start to get a bit adventurous, this board will go with them. Not only is it ideal for beginners but also provides the opportunities for more intermediate riders to test out their skill as they learn new tricks.  


This is an ideal board to have on the boat, or jet ski for a weekend of water sports fun.  The Hyperlite Motive Jr wakeboard will be a board you want to stick with for some time. 

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