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O’Brien System Kids Wakeboard Package Review

Kids size wakeboard for all skill levels

There are many O’Brien wakeboards that are being widely used by both amateur and professional wakeboarders all over the world. One of these is the O’Brien System kids wakeboard package that was introduced recently. It has so many amazing features to offer specifically for the young riders for whom wakeboarding is a very new experience.  It’s a great package with the bindings included and is definitely worth considering if the kids are starting out. 


This wakeboard is designed to cater for different experience levels from the beginner to the intermediate riders. Some of its features include the enhanced dual channels that exit the tip and tail along with center mounted flank fins. The continuous rocker style offers stability and predictability.  With wakeboard design that helps kids ride confidently, it will make their wakeboarding experience a memorable one.

Specifications and Features

  • Fin configuration: removable center flank fins
  • Rocker type: Continuous
  • Weight Range: 40-120 lbs at 119 cm
  • Skill range: Beginner to intermediate
  • Dual channels at the tip and tail
  • Extra buoyant foam core
  • Lace locks and holders
  • Lightweight, open toe bindings
  • Enables a natural stance
  • Unisex color
obrien system wakeboard package review

Overall, the O’Brien System kids wakeboard package offers a great way to get started. This wakeboard is very suitable for new beginners as well as those who want to progress their riding. It offers an affordable, high quality entry level wakeboard and with the bindings included, it’s a great package to purchase.

Design Features for building Confidence

One of the unique features of this O’Brien System kid’s wakeboard includes the type of its fins. It has removable deep flank fins that are quite ideal for the beginners. Combine this with the dual channels at the tip and tail and you have a wakeboard that allows the rider to enjoy a greater edge hold and consisten tracking. These ensure that the wakeboard moves in the proper direction and that the rider maintains a better posture while advancing over the surface of the water.


In addition to this the O’Brien System kid’s wakeboard has an extremely buoyant foam core to make popping out of the water effortless.  Kids can get up and riding without too much difficulty, which is great for building their confidence. 

Continuous rocker

Another important feature that the rider needs to consider when deciding which wakeboard to buy is the type of the rocker that the wakeboard offers. The rocker type on this wakeboard is the continuous type.


This type of rocker has a smooth curve from the tip to tail and is very favorable for beginners and the kids because it makes the ride quite stable and predictable. It also makes it easier to roll up the wake in a more consistent manner and makes the landing after the jumps easier.

Wakeboard Bindings

The wakeboard bindings included in this package are ideal for beginners and with the open toe, easily adjustable laces and a flexible opening they’ll fit most kids so, bring your friends for a fun day of water sports.  


These boots are lightweight and have a comfortable footbed, with Strobel-lasted lining.  This wakeboard is designed to keep the rider’s stance well-aligned and place less pressure on the knees and ankles so you can ride for longer.  There’s even integrated lace holders to stop the laces from flying around whilst riding. 

O'Brien System Kids Wakeboard Package Price

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  • Predictable, stable ride
  • Greater edge hold
  • Bindings included
  • Amazing price
  • Straighter edges help in tracking
  • Safe
  • Durable
  • Great board for beginners


  • Not suitable for people weighing more than 120 lbs

O’Brien System Kids Wakeboard Package

obrien system wakeboard package review

The Verdict

Overall, the O’Brien System Kids Wakeboard Package is a great package for starting out. This wakeboard is very suitable for kids who have just started their wakeboarding experience and will grow with them as they learn better technique, start practising tricks and progressing in their riding. 


All its features like the continuous rocker, the flank fins, and the straight edges make the whole wakeboarding experience easier, faster and comfortable for the riders.  And when friends come along for the day, this will be a great board for them to have a go and get up to experience the thrill of wakeboarding.

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