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Liquid Force Trip Mens Wakeboard Review

Top quality wakeboard that gives a consistent ride and smooth landings

Wakeboarding might seem fun and many new riders are excited to have a go. For a beginning wakeboarder, you want a board that has an excellent build quality, more than one that is a cheap price or has a flashy design.  Liquid Force has produced a range of wakeboards so that not only experts can have amazing riding experiences, but beginners can also enjoy the water.  The Trip Men’s Wakeboard is one such board.

Specifications and Features

  • Size: 130cm, 135cm, 139cm, 144cm
  • Aggresssive continuous rocker
  • D-I-S-C hull with edge channels
  • Variable edge rail
  • Fuller tip shape
  • Molded-in fins with removable center fin
  • Skill Level Required: Beginners – Intermediates
  • Designed for 6″ bindings
  • 3 position M6 inserts
  • Precision PU Core
  • Dura-Glass Layup
  • Flex scale: 9/10
liquid force trip wakeboard review

Liquid Force has been providing us with some great wakeboards, at a very high standard, for a number of years. The Liquid Force Trip Men’s Wakeboard is one board that is really a high quality board in its price for beginners.

A Cheap Option Gives Endless Possibilities

The Liquid Force Trip Men’s Wakeboard costs less than $300 and that’s a great place to start for someone who is in the basic learning stage and doesn’t want an experienced rider’s wakeboard. They don’t need the advanced features of an experienced rider’s wakeboard and often these features make the wakeboard more difficult to handle properly, for beginners, and the experience could be detrimental to a wakeboarder’s confidence.


With so many amazing yet basic features, Liquid Force Trip Men’s Wakeboard is a great choice for beginners. The molded-in side fins ensure great tracking and minimal drag while the continous rocker ensures the kick off the wave is predictable.  

D-I-S-C Makes the Landings Soft

This isn’t any ordinary disc, in fact it’s actually not a disc but refers to double, inside, single and concave. It basically describes the overall shape, body, and design of the wakeboard.


With a smooth yet responsive design, the landings are much more predictable and the board hovers on a well-maintained speed. In addition to this, the D-I-S-C design is intended to provide some protection for your back to reduce any hard shocks when you hit the water. And if the wake is a little bigger that’s no problem and the Liquid Force Trip performs just as well on bigger wakes. 

Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard Package Price

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  • Smooth landings mean it’s easy to learn
  • Consistently performs well
  • Good value for money
  • D-I-S-C hull runs through the center spine
  • Ride is predictable yet fast


  • A heavy wakeboard for beginners

Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard Mens

liquid force trip wakeboard review

The Verdict

Liquid Force has been providing us with great wakeboards for a number of years and this one meets expectations. The Liquid Force Trip Men’s Wakeboard, which is great for beginners, makes learning easy.


And for those who just love this wakeboard, they can progress to intermediate level tricks as this wakeboard easily handles greater speed and maintains its performance even on bigger wakes. 

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