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Ronix Vault Wakeboard Review

Foundational wakeboard for behind the boat adaptable to your riding style

Thrillseekers are in for a treat as the Ronix Vault Wakeboard is sure to give you the satisfaction you need all summer long. The Vault Wakeboard is lighter than ever, designed with the same innovative technology that allows the board to easily adapt to your skill level.  With its smooth and stable ride, and user-friendly features designed to match your wakeboarding needs, we think this is one wakeboard you’ll want to have on board as it really is a great all-round wakeboard.  And best of all, it even comes in a sized-down version, the Ronix Vault kids wakeboard.


The Ronix Vault Wakeboard offers you a 3-stage rocker allowing you to get the most out of every ride and wake, putting you up on the wake and giving great vertical elevation through the air.  The Vault has Ronix’s characteristic asymmetrical design, especially the fins on either ends of the board, ensuring that your ride remains stable and easy to get into. Most importantly Ronix Vault builds that much needed confidence and security from start to all the way through every wake of your ride. 

Specifications and Features

  • Heelside/Toeside Construction
  • TPU Graphic Top Sheet
  • Low Friction Base Sheet
  • M6 Inserts
  • Monocoque & Krypto Cable Construction
  • Magic Carpet
  • Top/Bottom Glass
  • Mod Pour Foam
  • Thinner, Sharper Toeside Rail
  • Fuller, Vertical Heelside Rail
  • Traditional Flex Four
  • Molded-in Fins
  • Two 1.7” Hook Fins
  • Neutral Energy: 4
ronix vault wakeboard review

If you are just looking to get started at wakeboarding or are after a specific feature, do consider what this wakeboard has in store for you! Its innovative design and technology stand out especially when you know your way around different types of wakeboards.

3-Stage Rocker Technology

The Ronix Vault wakeboard has a 3-stage rocker profile, meaning that the base of the board is designed with three planes allowing the wakeboard to respond with more height as you hit the wake. This is perfect for those looking for extreme height and an explosive pop off every wake.


You’d be glad to know that your ride now becomes more dramatic than ever, having a loose-slippery feel on the surface.  And the lighterweight of this wakeboard makes it easier to control in the air.  Great for practising wakeboarding tricks and jumps and landing them. 

User-Friendly Design

Specifically designed to meet the needs of wakeboarders with different skill levels, this board is flexible and adaptable to your riding style.  Ronix Vault introduces us to the asymmetric design with slightly different toeside and heelside edges.  The wakeboard runs asymmetrical with its rails, offering a thinner and sharper toeside rail with a more vertical heelside rail.  The sharper toeside rail provides extra grip when riding toeside to keep the approach to the wake on track.


In addition to this the molded-in fins are assymetric with a longer toeside fin. This is especially beneficial when you are learning as they assymetric fins on either side of the board provide better hold when riding toeside.  It’s much more natural to ride heelside behind the boat, thus the shorter fins on the heelside edge.   The asymmetrical design really helps to provide a more stable ride and helps with better control of the wakeboard.   

As you progress in your riding the centre fins can be removed to allow for a looser more responsive feel on the water.  This board will grow with you, last a long time and keep performing consistently summer after summer. 

Ronix Vault Wakeboard Price

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  • Wakeboard rides high on the water
  • Best value for thrill seekers looking to make the most out of every ride 
  • Longer toe side molded fin
  • Perfect wakeboard for beginners 
  • Ride feedback from water is great


  • Landings can be harsh at times
  • Not budget friendly compared to other boards

Ronix Vault Wakeboard

ronix vault wakeboard review

The Verdict

There’s a reason that the Ronix Vault Wakeboard remains a standout board among wakeboarding enthusiasts and is a great fit for across all levels of experience. A foundational board with not to many gimmicks that does what it’s perfectly made for — which is to give you that confidence in wanting more! Many wakeboarders choose to ride the Ronix Vault as it provides an easier and smoother ride, and is ideal for practising jumps and landings.


Whether it’s your first time getting up on a wakeboard or you’re already an advanced rider, this wakeboard ensures confidence from the very start as it seamlessly provides user-friendly features to help you get up on your first wake. You’ll soon discover the minimal effort required to get up and maneuvering right away! Consider the Ronix Vault Wakeboard as a must-have wakeboard for you this summer.

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