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Ronix Vault Kids Wakeboard Package Review

An ideal wakeboard for the tween or teen who's starting out or progressing to intermediate wakeboarding skills

If you are looking at the Ronix Vault kids wakeboard for your tween or teen you can be assured that you are choosing a quality brand.  Ronix have been designing wakeboards since the early 90’s and design their boards with the riding style of the wakeboarder in mind.  They recognise that when your wakeboarding your body can be crossed over, your hips and shoulders are not always parallel, and this has been taken into consideration in the design of their boards.  Great for a teenagers growing body. 


The Ronix Vault wakeboard is a very popular design and comes in a range of sizes from 125cm to 145cm, for the bigger guys who love wakeboarding.  It’s an ideal unisex board and can be ridden in a variety of different situations.   As a long standing board in the Ronix collection the Ronix Vault wakeboard package, with Divide boots, is definitely one worth considering if you are looking for a quality wakeboarding package to get you out on the water. 

Specifications and Features

  • Modello Construction
  • TPU Graphic Top Sheet
  • Mococoque & Krypto Cable Construction
  • Mod Pour Foam M6 Inserts
  • Grom Top / Bottom Glass
  • Low Friction Base Sheet
  • Thinner, Sharper Toeside Rail
  • Fuller, Vertical Heelside Rail
  • Four 1.7″ Hook Fins
  • Four Molded-in Fins
  • Neutral Energy: 3
ronix vault kids wakeboard package

The Ronix Vault wakeboard is great for young wakeboarders who are just beginners at wakeboarding, but it will also suit those who have a bit of experience and are progressing in their riding to the next level.  The features of this wakeboard reflect the technology used in Ronix wakeboards – they’re strong where you need them to be but incredibly lightweight and durable. 

Lightweight 3-Stage Rocker

For explosive pop off the wake you can’t go past a 3-stage rocker, especially if you’re behind a boat with a big wake.  This will give you the vertical height you need to perform the tricks on your trick list.  And the lightweight construction of the Hyperlite Vault Kids wakeboard will help you get there. 


The swing weight is minimal, so it’s easier to control this wakeboard in the air and transitions to turns are that much easier.

Great feel for the water

The 2022 Ronix Vault wakeboard is 20% lighter than previous Vault wakeboards.  The result is a free-flowing wakeboard that’s smooth across the water and allows the rider to have great feedback with the water.  


The moulded-in fins provide that extra stability on the top of the water which is great for learning and landing tricks.  When this is combined with the thinner toe-side rail and the fuller heel-side rail, the board is very stable and takes into consideration the stance of a wakeboarder when they are riding with the hips and shoulders out of alignment. 

Adjustable Divide Boots

The Divide boots in the Ronix Vault kids wakeboard package are designed for adjustability and ease, which is great when you have a few kids out on the water all eager to have their turn on the wakeboard.  With an open toe there is more flexibilty for different riders and the autolocking system ensures a great fit.  You simply slide to tighten and pull to release. 


The rider experiences a great connection with the board and a comfortable fit with the classic foam sole that is molded to ensure support and fit. 

Ronix Vault Kids Wakeboard Package Price

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  • Durable, strong yet lightweight board
  • Adjustable boots for a comfortable and supportive fit
  • Explosive pop off the wake
  • Great for beginners and intermediate riders
  • Unisex design
  • Range of sizes available



  • The visual appearance may be a little plain for some people

Ronix Vault Kids Wakeboard Package

ronix vault kids wakeboard package

The Verdict

We think this is a great all-rounder board.  It has all the features for setting young riders up with the right foundations for wakeboarding whilst giving them a great experience behind the boat.  When they want to start progressing to beginner wakeboarding tricks, this board will continue to perform well for them.  The lightweight design makes a very attractive feature as the board is easy to control, but the strength of the board is not at all comprised because of the advanced technology Ronix use in their wakeboard construction. 


The Ronix Vault kids wakeboard package will be ideal for taking your kids and their friends for a day out on the water.  When the weather’s warm there’s no place quite like being out on the water behind the boat, carving it up and exploding off the wake. 

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