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Byerly 2015 Monarch Wakeboard ReviewBYERLY MONARCH WAKEBOARDIntermediate, Advanced$$$9.5 buy_now
Byerly 2016 BP Wakeboard ReviewBYERLY BP WAKEBOARDIntermediate, Advanced$$$9.4 buy_now
Byerly 2015 Felix Wakeboard ReviewBYERLY FELIX WAKEBOARDIntermediate, Advanced$$$9.2 buy_now
Byerly 2017 Slayer Wakeboard ReviewBYERLY SLAYER WAKEBOARDBeginner, Intermediate$$$9.0 buy_now
Byerly Assault 55 Inch Wakeboard ReviewBYERLY ASSAULT WAKEBOARDBeginner, Intermediate$$$8.6 buy_now
Byerly 2015 AR-1 Wakeboard ReviewBYERLY AR-1 WAKEBOARDBeginner, Intermediate$$$8.5 buy_now
Byerly Blunt WakeboardBYERLY BLUNT WAKEBOARDBeginner, Intermediate$$$8.4 buy_now
Byerly 2016 AR2 Wakeboard ReviewBYERLY AR2 WAKEBOARDBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced$$$8.3 buy_now
Byerly Monarch Wakeboard ReviewBYERLY MONARCH WAKEBOARDBeginner, Intermediate$$$8.1 buy_now
Byerly 2015 BP Wakeboard ReviewBYERLY BP WAKEBOARDBeginner, Intermediate, Adavanced$$$7.9 buy_now

One of the best wakeboard manufacturers today is Byerly. Just like Hyperlite, CWB, Ronix, and other famous companies, Byerly has its own diverse product range for wakeboards. If you have had an experience with Byerly, you might be aware of their outstanding quality as well.

If you are new to Byerly and its wakeboard range, then you have reached the right spot. In the review below of Top 10 Byerly Wakeboards in 2020, we have highlighted some of the best wakeboards and their relative specifications. Read more to find out the one which suits you the most.

Byerly 2015 Monarch Wakeboard Review



  • Molded-in landing feature
  • Layered glass
  • Reinforced footbed area
  • An excellent design with two world titles
  • Without a drag


  • Wakeboard has traditional Flex
  • Not available on most of the online stores

This is one of the best wakeboards because it has received awards two times. It is one of the top of the line wakeboards which has been used by several professionals. The best thing about the Byerly Monarch Wakeboard is the fact that it is not too expensive.

Coming with the BioLite 3 core, it becomes quite light in weight and doesn’t seem to cause a lot of problems as well. It comes in two different sizes of 53-inches and 55-inches so you get the one which suits your weight and height. With M6 inserts, this wakeboard becomes long-lasting as well.

Byerly 2016 BP Wakeboard Review



  • Durable
  • Safe ride
  • Fast
  • Light and Strong at the same time
  • Thinner and less friction producing


  • Not very suitable for beginners
  • More expensive than most

The BP Wakeboard by Byerly is yet another great one in our list which comes with the Double Lap construction. This construction makes it even better for the users since it is durable as well as lightweight. In addition, it makes maneuvering easier for the riders. This is one of the best Byerly Wakeboards in 2019.

Coming with an appropriate amount of flex on the edges and stiff from the middle, the board becomes the perfect one for a smooth ride in the waters. The size of this wakeboard is 56 inches and it weighs as low as 12 pounds. This makes the rider’s control even better.

Byerly 2015 Felix Wakeboard Review



  • Continuous Rocker
  • Carbon Composite Construction
  • Subtle Center Landing Feature
  • Designed specifically according to the needs of experts
  • Goes without drag


  • Not for beginners
  • Not for riders weighing less than 150 pounds

If you are planning to ride your wakeboard on a cable park, then the Felix Wakeboard is going to be the right thing. With the Biolite 3 core, the board becomes controllable due to its low weight. Users would also prefer it due to the carbon composite construction which enhances the strength of this wakeboard.

The design has been made by Scott Butch who wanted to make a board that is specifically suitable for the expert level riders. The wakeboard travels in the water without drag which ultimately helps in creating the maximum speed as well.

Byerly 2017 Slayer Wakeboard Review



  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Great pop off the wake
  • Great tracking through the water
  • Strong, durable construction
  • Smooth landings


  • Does not include bindings
  • Not recommended for advanced riders

Slay your ride with the Byerly Slayer Wakeboard. This board comes with an amazing rocker that gives a high pop off the wake. The overall ride stays smooth and comfortable for the rider. Once again, the design has been made by Scott Butch.

It is hand crafted which assures us about the amazing quality of the wakeboard. In addition, there is a wooden core which adds up to the strength level of the wakeboard. These are the few reasons why we consider it as a great Byerly wakeboard in 2018.

Byerly Assault 55 Inch Wakeboard Review



  • Durable
  • Safe ride
  • Useful for both beginners and professionals
  • Thinner and lighter than most other wakeboards
  • Faster than many other wakeboards due to thin edges


  • Not suitable for people over 120 pounds

The Assault wakeboard is going to bring an aggressive yet controllable ride for the user. With a double lap construction, not only does the wakeboard gets light in its weight but it also becomes easier to balance. Strategic flex patterns make the board one-of-its-kind.

The length of this wakeboard is 55 inches which is perfectly fine for the users. The maximum weight limit must be kept in mind before buying this wakeboard which states that users up to 120 pounds can ride this wakeboard easily.

Byerly 2015 AR-1 Wakeboard Review



  • Biolite 3 Core Reinforced
  • Reaches great speeds
  • Comes in a Shiny sparkling design
  • Continuous Rocker
  • Amazing choice for experts


  • Not recommended for beginners
  • Not suitable for people weighing under 145 pounds

The AR-1 Wakeboard by Byerly is one of the signature boards by the company. Even though, the design is simple, the AR-1 is made for the complex professional riders. All four edges have been laminated with fiberglass that ultimately help in the maximum protection of the wakeboard.

This wakeboard has an amazing rocker which gives an explosive pop. This seems to be perfect for the expert riders. The speed is also too much for a beginner. With an elevated footbed area, the turns and the overall ride become controllable.

Byerly Blunt Wakeboard



  • Strategic Flex Patterns
  • Lightweight
  • M6 Insert Pack
  • Flak-Jacket Construction
  • High Speeds with Amazing Control


  • Experts only- Not for beginners
  • Heavier than Most

The Blunt Wakeboard is blunt for some advanced riders. With some cool specs like minimum drag and maximum speed, it not only makes a fun-filled ride, but it also makes it easier for the professionals to practice their stunts.

The best part about this wakeboard is that it can even accommodate people with high weights. The maximum weight limit is 160 pounds which is fine enough. Being 54 inches in length and providing you some amazing features, the Blunt wakeboard seems to be one of the best Byerly wakeboards in 2018.

Byerly 2016 AR2 Wakeboard Review



  • Strong and very durable
  • Carbon/Kevlar Sidewall
  • Ultra Smooth 3-Stage Rocker
  • Double Lap Construction
  • 1-year warranty by Byerly


  • Weighs more than 16 pounds
  • Not recommended for beginners or learners

Earlier we mentioned about the previous version of this wakeboard which was the AR1. Here we shall talk about the AR2 Wakeboard which is yet another one for the advanced learners. This one is thin and not very heavy which means it is easily controllable.

Mainly designed for boat riding style, it comes with a smooth 3 stage rocker as well that gives you a high enough pop. Fiberglass Crosslink Construction and the Biolite 3 core make it lightweight and strong making it just the right decision for any advanced rider.

Byerly Monarch Wakeboard Review



  • Strong, Resistant and Durable
  • Beginners can learn on this wakeboard
  • Rocker Type: 3 Stage
  • Easy to control without any Drag


  • Not recommended for experts
  • It isn’t as speedy as other wakeboards

Finally, we are talking about a wakeboard that is specifically designed for the beginners. The Monarch wakeboard is made for all those riders who are ambitious to learn wakeboarding. With some amazing features like easy control, high durability, lightweight, this wakeboard becomes the right one for learning.

The best part is the fact that there is absolutely no drag which brings better speed to the ride. There are two different sizes of 132cm and 137cm.

Byerly 2015 BP Wakeboard Review



  • Cable and boat friendly
  • Center Landing Feature
  • Continuous Rocker
  • Biolite 3 Core Reinforced


  • Not much used by riders
  • No clear warranty by manufacturer

Build-quality is what matters the most. Byerly does take care of that and even in the last wakeboard of our list, we have high quality with the carbon composite construction. This construction not only makes it durable, but it also makes it lightweight.

This wakeboard is both cable and boat friendly so basically, it’s a free style board. What attracts many of the users to this wakeboard is the M6 insert pack which is basically set of hardware that is made at the highest quality standards. This leads to a long-lasting purchase.


Byerly has mostly designed some amazing wakeboards for the advanced riders. However, the review of the Top 10 Byerly wakeboards in 2020 does contain a few for the intermediate and beginner riders as well. Make sure you get the ones which suit your requirements. Have fun with your wakeboard!