CWB 2017 Connelly Groove Blank Wakeboard

CWB 2017 Connelly Groove Blank Wakeboard












  • Great tracking with 4 fins
  • Highly durable
  • Great board for learning tricks and jumps
  • Lightweight design making it easier to contol
  • Softer landings than last year's model


  • Graphics need to be improved
  • Advanced riders will find it boring

There are different types of wakeboards and each one is distinctive than the other one in different ways. There are many companies which are consistently competing on the bases of price, features, and the quality.

The top companies are Hyperlite, CWB, and Liquid force. If you are looking for a good wakeboard that can be used by both beginners and intermediate users, then you should have a look at the CWB 2017 Connelly Groove Blank Wakeboard. It is basically designed for Cable Park riding style but it can be used for boat style as well.

Strong One

We believe that this is going to be a strong one since it has various features that make it a strong one. There is a Trans-base which is quite strong and provides slickness to the overall body shape. Other than that, there is a Triax Layup for strength in the core.

All these features mean that the 2017 Connelly Groove Blank Wakeboard going to be a great one which is going to resist all the damage or pro-level abuse. Go down to your local cable park and try one this summer. Customers who tried this found it as a great one and have recommended this wakeboard to other users as well.

Four Fins

For added stability and the maximum comfort of the user, there are 4 fiberglass fins. There is a center fin as well which is removable. You will have softer landings too. Other than that, there is a flat bottom design which is free from the rails.

The variable height ABS rail extends into the 2017 Connelly Groove Blank for the increased strength and additional durability as well. The low weight of this wakeboard makes it easier for the users to have stunts and enjoy. The total weight of this wakeboard is 5 pounds which is fair enough. We hope that you enjoy with this wakeboard.

Specs and Features

  • Item Weight 5 pounds
  • Package Height 46 x 20 x 59.02 inches
  • Shipping Weight 05 pounds
  • Size 134cm
  • Rocker type: continuous rocker
  • ABS rails
  • Triax Layup
  • 4 fiber glass fins with 1 center fin as well


  • Can resist pro-level abuse
  • Maximum comfort for the user
  • Provides the proper learning technique design
  • Low weight which means easier to control
  • Softer landings
  • Strong and lasts for a long period of time


  • Not made for advanced level riders


Being low in stock, we would recommend our intermediate or beginner level users to get it immediately and have all the fun of riding a wakeboard this summer. It has various benefits and provides you the best riding experience. All users who have tried it were satisfied and there were barely any issues reported.

The CWB 2017 Connelly Groove Blank Wakeboard is not the right choice for advanced users so the advanced users can have a look at those which are bigger in size. Get this amazing piece from right now and start your summer shore ride right away.

Connelly Groove 2017 Blank Wakeboard, 134cm
List Price: $379.99
Price: $379.99
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