CWB 2017 Connelly Vibe Blank Wakeboard

CWB 2017 Connelly Vibe Blank Wakeboard












  • Greater flex
  • Max support for riders
  • Resistant to damage
  • Great pop off the wake
  • Soft landings


  • Boring design
  • Too difficult for beginners

Different types of wakeboards are made for different types of users. If you are a beginner, a wakeboard with small length and soft core would be better and if you are an advanced rider, then a wakeboard with big length and pro core would be better. However, which one is exactly better for you?

The answer can be found out on any of the reviews at our website. The wakeboard which we will discuss today is the CWB 2017 Connelly Vibe Blank Wakeboard. Find out more about it and decide for yourself whether you should purchase it or not.

Gabe Lucas Design

The 2017 Connelly Vibe Blank Wakeboard has a full wooden core. Designed by Gabe Lucas, this one is made for cable park riders. Despite the fully wooden core, there is a Triax glass layup and 4 removable fins which can help you in giving the edges a greater flex.

With greater flex, there are soft landings also. Moreover, the center is concave which further creates soft landings. The base is Ti base which is quite a strong base material and makes the wakeboard resistant to damages. This is surely going to be a great one for your riding experience with the cable park.

Maximum Flex

There is 3-inch poplar wood stringer which runs from tip to tail of the 2017 Connelly Vibe Blank. What’s the purpose? Well, it adds to the flex of the board and makes it even stronger than regular wakeboards. The variable height ABS rails extend 1 inch into board for strength and more support with the landings. You will have an extra pop off the wake with the rocker that is present.

Other than that, it has a length of 136 cm which means that it can be used by expert riders or intermediate level riders. For users who are in the beginner stage, they should take a look at other types of wakeboards which are smaller and easier to control.

Specs and Features

  • Package Height 4 x 21.4 x 59 inches
  • Shipping Weight 35 pounds
  • Size 136cm
  • Ti Base
  • Triax Glass Layup
  • Fin configuration: 4 removable fins
  • Continuous rocker
  • 3 inch poplar wood stringer


  • Added flex
  • Maximum support for the rider
  • Strong and will not break easily
  • Resistant to damages
  • Extra pop off the wake
  • Best for cable park experience
  • Soft landings


  • Not made for beginners


The CWB 2017 Connelly Vibe Blank Wakeboard is a wakeboard which can be bought by intermediate and expert level riders as it is designed in a large size of 136cm. CWB has used a good rail system as well which makes the wakeboard durable and long-lasting. Elastomeric sidewalls provide the wakeboard durability, strength, and resistance.

The point basically is the 2017 Connelly Vibe Blank Wakeboard is a good choice so go for it before stock runs out. Get it from right now because the last piece is left and the delivery is free. Do let us know about your experience after you purchase it.

Connelly 2017 Vibe Blank Wakeboard, 136 cm
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Price: $190.00
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