Ronix 2017 Krush Women’s Wakeboard

Ronix 2017 Krush Women’s Wakeboard












  • Unique design and floral pattern for women
  • Soft landings
  • Comfortable open toe design
  • Thinner profile
  • Affordable


  • Poorly designed curves

The Ronix 2017 Krush Women’s Wakeboard is an exclusive wakeboard which is designed for women. All the features of the wakeboard are designed in such a manner that women can easily use it. The design of the wakeboard is also kept in such a manner that women can enjoy riding over it.

The flowery print is given on the base of the board with Ronix logo for making it appealing. You can have real and safe riding experience by using this wakeboard. The weight of the board is light so that you can take it along with you while going on any beach trip.

3 stage Rocker

The continuous rocker is a part of the 2017 Krush Wakeboard so that you can land on the water smoothly. As most of the women look out for an affordable and luxurious wakeboard. Therefore, this board is affordable and provide you with a luxurious ride. You can adjust the base of the board according to your foot size.

An open-toe design is a part of this board which eliminates the problem of getting in and out of boots. You can take longer jumps comfortably by putting less strain on your body. J-bars are installed on the board so that you can keep your ankle and provide you with better support.

Toe-side Rail

A thinner profile is provided to you in the 2017 Ronix Krush and can have more contact with the water. While edging on this wakeboard, the shoulders and hips of the rider are not parallel. The rider can be in a more comfortable riding position. By such comfortable riding position and reduces fatigue. By such a smooth ride, increases your confidence.

There are two fiberglass 1.7 inches provides you with great control and grip over the board. Lighter glass layup is a part of this board which makes it suitable for small female riders. You can easily improve your riding skills by using this women’s wakeboard.

Specs and Features

  • Brand: Ronix
  • Model: Krush Women’s
  • Weight: 160 175 lbs.
  • Rocker size: 2.3 inches
  • Stance range: 18 to 24
  • Ability Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Riding Style: WakeRocker
  • Type: Three-Stage
  • Core Material: Foam
  • Base Type: Standard Base
  • Wakeboard Mount
  • Pattern: M6
  • Fins:2 Fins
  • Warranty:1 Year


  • Soft landing
  • Appealing design
  • Thinner profile
  • Affordable board
  • Perfect fiberglass
  • Comfortable open-toe design


  • Curves need improvement


The Ronix 2017 Krush Women’s Wakeboard is an excellent board with offers great control and excellent features to the rider. The design of the board is appealing with flowery print so that it represents female. This board provides you with soft landing with safe sidewalls. It can accommodate all feet size and suitable for small females as well.

The excellent length and width of the rider which makes it friendly wakeboard. The rocker line is exaggerated to a high degree for providing you with straight pop up. You can take full advantage of the board for better balance. On calm water, this board remains stable so that you can enjoy your journey in a better way.