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The Benefits of Custom Wakeboards

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about custom wakeboards. You’ve been to dozens of wakeboarding shops and perused their stock, only to find that nothing strikes your fancy. Maybe you want something that matches your personality a bit more, or has certain features that you can’t find on ready-made wakeboards. Or maybe you’ve tried several different types of wakeboards and none of them suit your style of wakeboarding. Both of these situations can be frustrating to someone who wants a little more.


There are many different types of wakeboards on the market that are ready-made, and for some people those are more than adequate. But if you’re on the trajectory to being an expert rider, or you can’t find the right size for your body, or you simply want to stand out at the wakeboarding park or give your wakeboard a personailzed flair, chances are you’ll want a custom wakeboard. If that sounds daunting, read on. We’ll tell you more about custom wakeboards and what to look for.

What’s a custom wakeboard?

A custom wakeboard is a board completely customized by or to the rider. If you want to customize your own wakeboard you can decide on nearly every aspect of your wakeboard, including essentials like the build, material, and shape, as well as more cosmetic aspects. Not every store or company allows you to customize your own wakeboard, but there are a few specialty wakeboard manufacturers from which you can purchase them.

customize your own wakeboard

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What can be customized on a wakeboard?

If you want to customize your own wakeboard, there are many things you can choose to make it your own. Customizing your own wakeboard doesn’t just mean adding decals or colors to your board, although that’s certainly something you can do to add a personal touch. A custom wakeboard is so much more. There are many aspects of a wakeboard that can be customized to the rider’s preference. They include:


  • Material – choose what type of wood core or fiberglass you want for your wakeboard.
  • Bottom shape – choose from concave, channels, or crossover.
  • Outline – choose the general shape of your wakeboard.
  • Rocker – choose from continuous, hybrid, or 3-stage rockers.
  • Configuration – lay out where you want the fins to go and where your feet will go.
  • Flex – choose what kind of flex you want your board to have.
  • Pop – customize how much of a pop you get out of your board.
  • Artwork – you can add your own artwork to your board or choose from a brand’s artwork.
  • Color – make your board any color you want.
  • Accessories – add or remove fins and other features.

Why customize your own wakeboard?

Pro riders can find that having a custom wakeboard helps improve their skill out on the water. Even less skilled wakeboarders can improve their skill with a wakeboard that is perfectly fitted to their wants and needs.

Riders who are struggling to progress and improve their skills can find that having the wrong kind of board makes everything harder. Having a custom wakeboard doesn’t automatically solve all of your problems of course, and many riders have great

customize your own wakeboard

success with a generic board, but customizing makes the board an exact match to the rider and can certainly help. If you don’t want to go the customized route, just make sure that your board is a good fit for your riding style and do your research.

Customizing your wakeboard with artwork and color can make your board unique and allow you to connect with it on another level. It will also stand out amidst all of the other wakeboards at the park or lake, which means you’ll never lose it! It could even be a great conversation starter.

Where to get a custom wakeboard

If you’re interested in designing a wakeboard but don’t know where or how to start, there are a few companies that lead and guide you through the process. A favorite is Humanoid Wakeboards, a US-based company that specializes in custom wakeboards.


Customizing your own wakeboard is easy with Humanoid Wakeboards. The company leads you through the process of choosing all of the aspects of your board and allows you to upload your own artwork. If you need help they are always available over chat. Their boards are made in the United States with top materials and technologies, and the company has complete control over every aspect of the manufacturing process.

How much do custom wakeboards cost?

If you are going to build a custom wakeboard, you can expect to spend anywhere from $500-$800. This can be a little more than what you’d spend for a premade wakeboard, but with a little extra cost you can get a board that is perfectly fitted to you and will make you stand out.


If you haven’t found that one wakeboard that makes you feel cool and competent, maybe consider customizing your own wakeboard instead of buying one off the rack. You may end up paying a little more, but any extra money is well worth it for a board that will make you stand out and give you a great personal connection.

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