Ronix 2017 District Park Matte Metallic Black and Blue Wakeboard

Ronix 2017 District Park Matte Metallic Black and Blue Wakeboard












  • Unique shape allows great tracking
  • Less resistance than last year's model
  • Variable rail system
  • Smooth ride
  • Rocker makes this board more versatile


  • Price can become expensive with add-ons

Ronix introduced new technology in the shape of the Ronix 2017 District Park Matte Metallic Black and Blue Wakeboard. This wakeboard is a perfect blend of technology along with quality. Ideal control is offered to the rider in the shape of District Park wakeboard.

Full stability is provided to the rider in the water ride. This wakeboard is perfect for beginners and intermediate level riders. You can get smooth and safe water ride by using this wakeboard. A one-year warranty is offered on this wakeboard which is perfect for such a sports tool.

Variable Rail System

The first-time variable rail system is offered in the 2017 District Park Wakeboard. In the past, there were old tip and tail rail system which were not as much efficient. Now with the help of variable rail system, you can have long and better jumps. Even on sharp edges, you can smooth turns for making your ride simple and full of fun.

You can adjust the rail system according to your need. You can have better and perfect grip over the wakeboard. Appealing neon colors are used in making this board. These neon colors make this board prominent. Black and green along with a combination of black are used on this board. There is a large and prominent logo of Ronix on the top of a wakeboard.

3 Staged Rocker

Along with variable rail system, there are 3-stage rocker in this board. This rocker offers you maximum top-air time and incredible boot off. G&R Technology is used which decreases the friction and provide you with low resistance. You can glide on low resistance easily as compared to other boards. On calm water or shallow seas, you can have smooth water ride by using District Park Wakeboard.

The base of the Ronix 2017 District Park Wakeboard is in a concave shape which allows a rider to ride in the most comfortable position. There is a covering made up of resilient material which keeps your board safe from corrosion. More stance and composure maintenance is offered to you if you are using this wakeboard.

Specs and Features

  • Color: GP Yellow and Glossy Black
  • Type of rocker: 3 stage hybrids
  • of fins: 8 Fins
  • Base type: Standard Base
  • Riding style: Wake
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Ability: Beginner and Intermediate


  • Concave shape
  • Versatile rocker
  • Variable rail system
  • Smooth riding experience
  • Less resistance


  • Price increases when purchased with the storage bag


The Ronix 2017 District Park Matte Metallic Black and Blue Wakeboard is a right choice for intermediate and beginners. The smooth curvy design of this board provides you with better grip and a soft ride. It is a full-fledged wakeboard with providing you with competing for a ride. The design of the board is attractive with a perfect color combination.

This 2017 Ronix wakeboard comes with an affordable price tag. The variable rail system allows you to have an unforgettable ride experience and smooth handling. The concave shape of the board offers you to have safe ride preventing slip-off, however, the price increases when you purchase storage bag along with the wakeboard.