Ronix 2017 District Wakeboard with District Bindings

Ronix 2017 District Wakeboard with District Bindings












  • Variable raile
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Versatile rocker
  • Smooth ride
  • Amazing bindings


  • Design not for everyone

Are you looking for such a wakeboard which comes along with an excellent pair of bindings? Then the Ronix 2017 District Wakeboard with District Bindings is the right choice as it provides you with perfect bindings. It is one of such wakeboard that can be used by the whole family due to its unique design and its ability to fit everyone.

No need to follow the riding style of the wakeboard as District Wakeboard will adapt your ride style. You can have the real boat experience by using this board due to its perfect shape and smooth ride.

Versatile Rocker Line

One of the incredible features of the 2017 District Wakeboard is its rocker line which is the reason that the control of the overall board is in the hand of the rider. You can set the board according to your needs. Variable rail also makes the wakeboard different from others as it offers you wide options for setting the rail.

You can use this wakeboard daily as it does not put much strain on your body. The sidecut is increased so that you can smoothly take sharp turns. The bottom of the board is concave so that there are many areas for the rider to dive into the water. G&R technology is used for making your ride not only smooth but safe as well.

District Bindings

One of the elements which make the 2017 Ronix District unique from others is its bindings. The bindings and wakeboard are available at an affordable price. The bindings are designed in such a manner that it functions and fit for all riders. The whole family can use these bindings for a smooth ride.

The new District has an open-toe design which can accommodate a large number of foot sizes. High Memory Stage 2 Foam is used for making the base of the bindings which make it comfortable so that you can do wakeboarding for hours. There are laces lock so that after placing your feet, you can lock it in a certain place by closing the lace.

Specs and Features

  • Brand: Ronix
  • Model: District Wakeboard
  • Ability Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Riding Style: Wake
  • Rocker Type: Three-Stage Hybrid
  • Base Type: Standard Base
  • Wakeboard Mount Pattern: M6
  • Fins:8 Fins
  • Warranty:1 Year
  • Weight capacity: 175 to 180 lbs.


  • Variable rail
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Bindings accommodate every foot size
  • Versatile Rocker line
  • Concave Bottom
  • Smooth ride


  • Design can be improved


The Ronix 2017 District Wakeboard is an incredible board which allows you to set the board according to your own need. All the features are variable so that the rider can alter according to his need. The bottom of the board is wide enough so that every person can ride safely. It is such a board which can be used by the whole family.

Bindings are also designed in such a manner that every foot size can be accommodated. You can set the rail of the board according to your need. People are of the view that the print of the board needs several improvements.