Slingshot 2017 Solo Wakeboard

Slingshot 2017 Solo Wakeboard












  • High-performance and big air wakeboard
  • Light in weight and portable
  • Affordable
  • Smooth rides and landings
  • Available in different sizes


  • Scratches might occur easily
  • Not made for beginners
  • You will either hate or love the graphics

The expert riders always know what they or the beginners should have in their wakeboard to improve their skills and have a fun ride. The Slingshot 2017 Solo Wakeboard is designed by an expert rider known as Dylan Miller.

He has made sure that the riders are provided with all the features that are necessary for not only the beginners, but also for the advance riders. Before you make any further decisions whether to buy this wakeboard or not, you should read the following review and take a quick look at the features it has.

Multiple sizes available

The best thing which can be in a wakeboard can be the fact that it is available in multiple sizes so that maximum number of users can have the pleasure of using it. with, this 2017 Solo Wakeboard is also available in 3 different sizes. the three sizes are 138cm, 142cm, and 146cm. however, mainly, it is designed for expert level riders since the board is big and it can be difficult to control for the young beginners.

This is one reason why this board is made highly responsive and the design is made for high-level riders. the weight is quite low for an advanced rider as it is only 15 pounds which means you can show off your skills and stunts in an easy way.

Use it Anywhere

Whether you are near a cable park or you want to use this wakeboard at a boat ride style, it can be used in both ways since the design is made like that. other than that, it has a narrow profile which makes carving even better for the riders.

It has the new Flex Tip technology which makes it even better for the rider and provides an excellent riding. There are 4 fins and a 3-stage rocker which gives an explosive pop off the wake and better traction and support for the rider.

Specs and Features

  • Shape: Narrow profile
  • Flex tip technology
  • Rocker type: Continuous
  • NACA tech channels
  • Fusion sidewalls
  • V-spine
  • All wood core lamination
  • Ballistic park base
  • Four  6″ x 0.75″ Wake Fins
  • Carbon bedrock inserts
  • Designed for high-level riders


  • Light in weight and portable
  • Keeps the balance
  • Flexible, yet stays stiff
  • Smooth rides and landings
  • More air time and less water resistance
  • Improves your skills
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Cost effective


  • Not made for beginners
  • Scratches might occur easily


As we have mentioned several amazing features of this board, it obviously gets a positive verdict from us and we believe that all the high-level expert riders should get this Slingshot 2017 Solo Wakeboard right away. With a responsive design, all you need is a good pair of bindings and a great boat or cable park to pull you off and you will be good.

Various users have given positive comments on this which is another reason why it should get a positive verdict. have it purchased from right away.

Slingshot Wakeboarding 2017 Solo 142
List Price: $389.95
Price: $389.95
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