Slingshot 2017 Whip Wakeboard

Slingshot 2017 Whip Wakeboard












  • Strong and durable
  • Bodes well for those looking for tricks
  • Simple to use even for beginners
  • Lightweight
  • Grip gives the rider good balance


  • Recommended for male riders only
  • User weight cannot be exceeded
  • Unappealing appearance for some

When you play a sport, using the right equipment according to your needs and comfort is very important. Even for the wakeboarding sport, you need the perfect wakeboard so you can glide through the water with ease and enjoy your ride. Finding the right one gets a bit tricky but not if you have ab expert advice.

Written below is a review about the Slingshot 2017 Whip Wakeboard in which you will find all the wonderful features that are required to win a challenge and also have fun at the same time. You should check it out but before that, do read the article to find out more about it.

Extra pop

The continuous rocker is something which is an essential part for use of a wakeboard. This will help you in having an extra pop off the wake. For intermediate users, this is a good thing since it will help them out in showing their skills and having confidence in riding.

The best thing is the 2017 Whip Wakeboard has a medium flex which makes it neither too soft nor too hard which means a normal support and grip is going to be there for the user. It has been designed for the male riders so if you are a lady, try something else.

Multiple sizes

The best part about the 2017 Slingshot Whip is the fact that it is available in 3 different sizes of 135, 139, and 143 inches which means intermediate and expert level riders can enjoy the wonderful benefits of this wakeboard. It has not been designed for beginners so make sure if you are a beginner, you get something else.

This wakeboard also features four wake fins of 6″ x 0.75″ size. You will also love the color and the design of this board. It is mainly designed for cable park riding experience so do enjoy the most with it.

Specs and Features

  • Rocker type: Continuous
  • Medium flex
  • Fusion sidewalls
  • Ballistic park base
  • Four 6″ x 0.75″ Wake Fins
  • Made of fibreglass and wood
  • Size: 135, 139, 143 inches
  • Weight capacity varies with size
  • Designed for men


  • Waterproof
  • Light in weight and keeps the balance
  • Easy to use
  • Strong and durable
  • Can perform tricks with it
  • You can choose between the different sizes
  • Looks attractive because of the colors


  • Made for men only
  • User weight cannot be exceeded


In our opinion, you should get the Slingshot 2017 Whip Wakeboard as riders love the continuous rocker type and the four fins it has. These features improve the quality and the performance of the wakeboard. You can also perform many amazing tricks with this board and make your wakeboarding more joyful.

It comes at a very reasonable price, being one of the best 2017 wakeboards in the market. You will love this board and you will enjoy wakeboarding with it. Make sure you get your very own before it runs out of stock on the  we hope you have a great experience with this board.

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Price: $389.95
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