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Ronix District Wakeboard Review

This is for men's wakeboarders who want incredible flexibility and pop.

If you are looking for amazingly flexibility and pop, you shouldn’t have to spend and arm and a leg, and the Ronix District Wakeboard is here to prove this. This boat board is touted as having the ability to adapt to you, and with its smooth ride, powerful pop, and stored energy technology we’re inclined to believe them.

One of the first wakeboards available on the market came in 1991 from the O’Brien company and it’s a name that you might recognize — the ‘Hyperlite’. It’s creator, Herb O’Brien, would eventually form a company called Square One which, in turn, launched a formidable name brand that we all know and love called Ronix.

That’s got some pretty heavy Wakeboarding cred, and while Mr. O’Brien passed in 2012, his core designs and style still influence the Ronix designs of today.

With that in mind, does the Ronix District stand up to all of the hype? We’ll give you a hint… it definitely doesn’t feel like a budget board! Let’s take a closer look and we can see what you think.

Specifications and Features

  • Length: 134 cm, 138 cm, 144 cm, 150 cm, Height ranging from 2.5-2.8 inches
  • Monocoque & Krypto Cable Construction
  • Modello Foam and Fiberglass Core
  • HYBRID 3-stage/ Continuous Rocker
  • 1/5/10 – Stored/Neutral/Instant Energy Hybrid Flex profile
  • 4 – 1.0” Ramp fins
  • Light blue and black build
ronix district wakeboard package review

We’re happy to report that the Ronix District Wakeboard is suitable for all skill levels, beginning through advanced. The board is wide enough and with its blended rocker, you can get a vibrant pop with a smooth landing and the flex makes it basically adjust to your style.

If you aren’t skilled enough to be performing tricks as of yet, it’s easy to stay on and glides smoothly so that you will still enjoy the ride. By contrast, you’ve got the skills and the years, then you can take advantage of the blended rocker and take to the air. It’s w win-win situation.

Considering that it’s priced on the low end as far as quality Wakeboards go, we were quite pleasantly surprised, because it’s not often that you get a board which appeals to all levels like the District Wakeboard does. This is a board that will coddle you until you’re skillful enough to ‘unlock’ the advanced features and we really love this board for this.

Two prominent features of this board come to mind as the winning combination that Ronix used to make this sweet hybrid of the waves, so let’s examine those now to see what makes the District wakeboard ‘tick’.

Hybrid Rocker – 3 stage AND continuous for perfect pop and glide

The blended Rocker design is a real treat to experience firsthand and makes this acts both as a 3 Stage and a continuous rocker. You’ll hear these kind of rockers termed as ‘progressive’, a ‘continuous hybrid’, or simple a ‘blended 3 stage’, but they all mean the same thing – you get the best of ‘continuous’ and ‘3-stage’ Rocker traits through the carefully-cultivated design in the layers and flex of your board.

Whether you want to lock in, pop, or ‘glide and weave’ behind the boat, the curve of the rocker is ready and at your command. It stores a small percentage of energy, but also bucks right off of the water when you want to pop, and that small percentage of stored ‘flex’ allows the board to settle into a smooth glide when you land.

The amount of flex that the board handles also makes it less taxing to ride, as you don’t have the kind of abrupt shocks kicking or landing that you would with a lot of other boards. It juggles the kinetics for you nicely and we have to say that we approve.

Modello Foam and Fiberglass Core adapts to your style

With foam to keep the board light, a fiberglass core, and a ‘magic carpet’ glass laminate, this board is designed to be light, durable, and silky-smooth ride. The low friction base makes this board speedy and additional M6 inserts allow you to profile your board with thinner, shorter inserts if you like.

To help you to take advantage of their blended rocker, this board also features a superior grip by means of a side-cut edge, allowing for more control and more versatile options when you take to the air. Takeoff is a breeze, the landing is soft, and once you have the feel for it, popping becomes second-nature. The Ronix District is definitely a Wakeboard that everyone can enjoy!

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  • Blended Rocker enables pro-level pop and glide for seasoned wakeboarders, while providing ‘automatic’ function for beginners
  • Adapts to your style, from the arc of the board itself to the M6 inserts, providing a customizable experience
  • Great for guests but equipped for experts – this is one balanced board


  • Light blue and black design may not appeal to everyone
  • Some experts may prefer a ‘manual transmission’ style rocker to this board’s hybrid

Ronix District Wakeboard

ronix district wakeboard package review

The Verdict

The Ronix District Wakeboard finds the sweet spot when it comes to bringing fun for all 3 levels of skill. Beginners will appreciate the wide design and smooth takeoff, as well as the way that the rocker adjusts to their style. Intermediate and advanced boarders will love the customization, clever grip edge, and the explosive pop ‘on-command’ – though we think that they will also like that stored energy in the flex and the landings that it brings.

Ultimately, with the control that you get, the universal appeal, and the ‘we’re practically giving it away’ price, we have to say that this is definitely a board that you want to have on the boat. Once you’ve tasted that sweet, blended rocker, we think you’ll find yourself coming back to the District Wakeboard again and again.

Give it a try and see for yourself – you’ll thank us later!

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