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The Best Places for Wakeboarding in Florida

Looking for the best cable parks or lakes in Florida for Wakeboarding? We've got you covered from Orlando to Miami

The Sunshine State is a very popular destination for vacation due to its constantly-warm weather, stunning beaches, and many attractions such as Walt Disney World and Epcot. It makes sense that Florida’s sunny skies and warm waters also attract water-sports enthusiasts, including wakeboarders.


Florida has some of the best spots in the country to catch some wakes, given that it contains more than 30,000 lakes. In fact, Orlando is called the wakeboarding capital of the world. Many pro-wakeboarders live in Florida at least part of the year, and a majority of major wakeboarding tournaments take place in Orlando. Wakeboarding in Florida is a very popular sport!


Whether you live in Florida or you’re spending some well-deserved vacation time there, make sure to bring your wakeboard because you’ll have plenty of opportunities to take it out on the water. We’ve compiled a list of the best places for wakeboarding in Florida so you don’t have to get lost amidst those 30,000 lakes.

Best wakeboarding in Florida

  • Lake Pickett
  • Clear Lake
  • Lake Osborne
  • Hollywood Lakes
  • Haulover Inlet
where to wakeboard in florida

Lake Pickett

Located in Orange County, wakeboarding in Orlando is ideal at Lake Pickett. It’s one of the best lakes for wakeboarding in Florida and is only 25 minutes from the centre of Orlando. The lake covers 763 acres and is tucked away within marshes and mangroves. It’s not very well known, but it’s growing in popularity. Some of the best wakeboarders have been to this lake, and some iconic wakeboarding tricks were even invented there.


Due to its surrounding vegetation, the lake is glassy-smooth even on windy days, and the water is deeper than many other lakes. This makes for a very smooth ride no matter the weather. Visitors can launch from Lake Pickett Public Boat Launch. If you’re wondering where to wakeboard in Florida, Lake Pickett is a good place for a quiet, uninterrupted ride.


There are no campgrounds directly near Lake Pickett, but it’s not a far drive to Lake Mills Park. the lake is also a good spot for catching some fish.


  • Few visitors
  • Smooth water
  • Protected by vegetation


  • Only one launching dock
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Clear Lake

If you go to Clear Lake, chances are you’ll see a few pro wakeboarders, who enjoy wakeboarding in Florida. More pro wakeboarders make their homes around Clear Lake than anywhere else in Florida. The lake boasts pristine riding conditions with its tranquil waters and very little wind. It’s one of the only places where you can build a ramp on the water and practice tricks.


One downside of Clear Lake is that it has a private boat launch, so it’s difficult to wakeboard here if you’re not a resident. You may need to make friends with someone who lives in the area to be able to ride on the lake so it might not be one of the best places for wakeboarding in Florida for you. There are no campgrounds, but there’s a park nearby for relaxing or family fun.


  • Smooth water
  • Can build ramps
  • Home to many pro riders


  • Private boat launch
  • No campgrounds
wakeboarding in florida clear lake

Lake Osborne

Lake Osborne is a narrow-looking lake, but it’s deceptively big and has two distinct sections that you can choose from. It’s a great place if you’re looking for where to wakeboard in Florida, and want the option of riding straightaway or circular. The south side of the lake is smooth and peaceful and allows for riding in a straight line for hundreds of feet. The north side is great for circular riding.


Visitors can launch from the John Prince Park Public Boat Ramp in Lake Worth. Lake Osborne sees a lot of visitors, so the best time to go is in the morning before the crowds come. The northern side fills up faster with boats.


If you’re not into wakeboarding you can go fishing, walk one of the trails, or relax at one of the nearby parks. There are also campgrounds near the boat launch, and it’s not far from local shopping centers.


  • Two distinct areas for riding
  • Allows for straight or circular riding
  • Nearby parks and campgrounds


  • More popular
  • Fills up faster

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Hollywood Lakes

Hollywood Lakes are located between Fort Lauderdale and Miami and are a popular spot for all kinds of water sports. The main channel fills up quickly with boats, but you can go off into one of the lake areas for a smoother ride. If North Lake gets too crowded you can go over to South lake, which is nearly identical.


After you spend time on the lake, you can head over to Hollywood. Spend some time on the Broadwalk along the beach, visit the Anne Kolb Nature Center, or get some delicious food. There are many campgrounds and RV parks nearby to stay at, as well as many hotels, making Hollywood Lakes a versatile option for wakeboarding in Florida.


  • Two lake options
  • Nearby attractions and campgrounds


  • Can get choppy when windy
  • Can fill up quickly
best lakes in florida for wakeboarding hollywood lakes

Haulover Inlet

Located in Miami, Haulover Inlet is a thrilling experience for anyone who wants to go wakeboarding in Florida. The inlet is known for its access to the Atlantic Ocean, so you can get two kinds of rides. The Biscayne Bay side is a relatively flat, smooth body of water for easy riding, while the other side gives you one that is more choppy and wave-filled.


When you’ve had enough wakeboarding there are plenty of fun things to do. Attend the Haulover Sandbar party on the weekends, or party with boaters on the Haulover Park sandbar. You can also visit the Venetian Islands, or go on a tour of celebrity homes in the area. There are plenty of campgrounds nearby for an overnight stay.


  • Two types of riding experiences
  • Lots of fun activities in the area
  • Campgrounds nearby


  • Can fill up quickly
  • Popular
where to wakeboard in florida haulover inlet

Enjoy some wakeboarding in Florida

Whether you go wakeboarding in Orlando, the wakeboarding capital of the world, or in one of Florida’s many other beautiful lakes, you’re sure to have a great time out on the water. Florida has many options for watersports of all kinds, and the beautiful weather year-round and many local attractions will bring you back again and again. Grab your board and spend some time wakeboarding in Florida!