Ronix 2017 Vision Wakeboard with Vision Bindings

Ronix 2017 Vision Wakeboard with Vision Bindings












  • Affordable
  • Wide tail and face
  • Easy to get on and off
  • Includes a sticker pack for decortating
  • Soft landings


  • Small sidewalls
  • Design not for everyone
  • Not very durable

Ronix is one of well-known wakeboard brand which offers a wide range of different wakeboards. The Vision series is one of the excellent wakeboards by Ronix and has become a fan-favorite. It is a combination of technology and comfort. This wakeboard is fully loaded and easy entry board which provide you with comfortable riding experience.

The Ronix 2017 Vision Wakeboard with Vision Bindings is designed using modern prospect and perfect for new generation riders. The unique shape of the board provides you with a soft landing. You can easily get in and get out of the water if you own this wakeboard by Ronix.

Boat Specific Design

The design of 2017 Vision Wakeboard is in boat shape for giving you real water drive experience. You can easily balance yourself in calm water and shallow sea if you are riding on this board. Your shoulders and hips are not parallel if you are on a water ride. The unique design of the board provides you with perfect wakeboarding experience. There is Grom glass on the top of this board which keeps it safe from corrosion and rust.

Due to this glass covering, your wakeboard can remain as clean as new. The rider weight capacity of this board is ideal which can go up to 120 lbs. The fins of the board are 1.7 inches long for giving you enough base area that you can ride on the board easily without slip-off. There are vision bindings included in the pack of this wakeboard.

 3-Stage Rocker

There is a continuous rocker in the 2017 Ronix Vision Wakeboard which provides you with a soft landing. You can set the rocker at three different stages according to your need. This wakeboard consists of the thinner profile which reduces the swing weight of air. You can get a chance to feel water in a better way if you own this board. The rocker-line keep you in centered position so that you can keep your balance on the board on any kind of water.

There is a pack of stickers included in the box of the wakeboard so that you can design the board according to your own need and can decorate your board in a better way. One of the unique features is that it glows in the darkness.

Specs and Features

  • Brand: Ronix
  • Model: Vision Wakeboard
  • Rocker: Continuous and 3-stage
  • Fiberglass: 1.75 inches
  • Sticker pack: Included
  • Vision bonding: Included


  • Soft landing
  • Wide face and tail
  • Quick get in and out
  • Affordable
  • Sticker pack for decoration


  • Side walls are small


The Ronix 2017 Vision Wakeboard with Vision Bindings is one of the ideal board even if you are a beginner or a professional. You can have quick landing on the water when you use this board. The getting out of water is also easy so that you can use it even if you are an amateur. The appealing design of the board attracts rider of all ages and genders.

One of the amazing features which will make your board stand out from others is that it glows in the dark. Side walls of the board need certain improvements, but other features make it up to the mark.